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4th of July Picnic Set Holder


It’s never too early to make a start on planning and organizing your 4th of July celebrations, and if a family-style outdoor picnic is on your agenda, you’re going to love making these quick and simple picnic set holders. Why not slip in a couple of kid-friendly sparklers (give the parents a heads up first!) to make sure your party goes with a bang!



Materials List

  • Trim your white paper to 3.5 x 12 inches and fold in half.

  • Cut strips of cardstock from printed paper pack in various widths between 1 inch and 1/2 inch. Grab three strips and fold the ends around the white paper and staple in place. Use a pair of scissors to trim the ends of the strips of cardstock into a flag shape.

  • Slip a mini stars and stripes flag behind the strips and glue in place.

  • Use a star punch to cut shapes from blue cardstock and add the date using the red alphabet stickers. Staple the remaining side of the holder closed and add extra stars if you have time!


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