5 Back to School Projects For Kids

5 Back to School Projects For Kids

Are you counting down the days until your kids head back to school? I know we are! Why not spend some time getting them ready with handmade back to school projects? Here are 5 back to school projects for kids that you can complete together.

1.) DIY Crayon Coloring Tray by Jinger Adams

Want your kids to get organized? These easy crayon holders are the perfect way to keep all those coloring supplies organized. Plus, you can customize them to match your needs. Add ribbon or glitter, or personalize the tray with names! It’s easy to create but parent supervision is recommended when spray painting.

Jinger Coloring Tray 1jInger Coloring Tray 2

2.) DIY Pencil Box

This craft can be completed at home and taken to school to be stored in your childs desk or kept in the home office. All you need to complete this project is a cardboard box and a few craft supplies – just whatever is laying around the house.

Pencil Box

3.) Easy Homemade Kids Notebook

Why buy blank notebooks when you can create your own? All you need is lined or blank paper, a piece of cardstock (or even a magazine cover!) and a few bits of craft supplies. To create this project, simply fold the blank paper in half with the piece of cardstock, staple through the middle, cut to size, and decorate!


4.) Customized Notebook Cover

This project is SO easy to complete. If your kids are old enough to handle scissors responsibly, you can leave them to complete this project while you finish a load of laundry! All you need are a few spiral bound notebooks, tape and glue, and craft supplies from around the house. We also used a Crossover Machine to cut out the letters, since it’s a little easier and cleaner than cutting by hand.

Anna Notebook

5.) Brown Paper Bag Book Cover

Are your kids tired of the boring book covers on their science and math books? All you need is a brown paper bag and some craft supplies to create a stunning piece of art to decorate your textbook.

Bag Book Cover Final

Check out another way to cover books with brown paper bags! If you keep the handles on, the book is transformed into a purse that opens up into a textbook. How cool, right? Plus, add decorative die cuts on the front to add a personal touch. We love this idea!

Kathleen 2

kathleen elephant

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