New to You – Shhh! 5 Jewelry Making Secrets for Beginners

New to You – Shhh! 5 Jewelry Making Secrets for Beginners

5 Jewelry making secrest for beginners

This year, for National Craft Month, we’d like to challenge you to try something new. Each week we’ll offer you new tips, tricks and projects for a selected craft. For this week we’ve got 5 jewelry making secrets for beginners. Gather up your supplies and give it a try!

1.) Decide on a type of jewelry that interests you the most

There are a lot of jewelry styles out there. From Metal to beading, leather, rope and cord, and even braided hemp – there’s just too much to choose from. As a beginner, dig around for a style of jewelry that fits your personality and begin there. You can always try something different later.

Top Tip – Think about what jewelry you like to wear the most and start there!

2.) Plan Ahead

It’s always good to plan ahead with any craft but especially with jewelry making. Make sure you have all the supplies you need and have your piece measured correctly before you begin. It’s best to figure out the plan before you begin the first knot.

5 Jewelry Making Secrets for Beginners

3.) Invest in quality tools – don’t skimp!

It might seem like a good idea to borrow the wire cutters and pliers from the toolbox but trust us, don’t! It’s worth it to invest in a high quality jewelry tool kit before you begin your first project. Specialty tools that are made with the correct fit and design for your style of jewelry making will make the process much easier.

Top Tip – Beadalon has some amazing jewelry tools. Shop the selection at Create and Craft by clicking here.

4.) Save your scraps!

When working with cord, hemp, or rope, we recommend saving those little leftover scraps that are 5 or more inches in length. You never know what you can do with those!

Top Tip – Leftover scraps can be used to make sliding adjustable knots.

5.) Take risks and don’t be discouraged

Trying a new craft takes a lot of patience and time. Don’t be discouraged if things don’t turn out right the first time! You’ll learn more as you grow with your craft. Take the time to make your pieces personalized and develop your own tips, tricks and secrets. Crafting is always changing and you’re part of that.

Do you plan on trying jewelry making this week during National Craft Month? Remember to share your new craft creations on Facebook with us!

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  • This is true if you don’t plan it out and just start you will always find that you don’t have everything you need to finish your project, I’ve been there and just gave up for the day

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