5 Sewing Hacks for Beginners

5 Sewing Hacks for Beginners

Are you new to sewing? Maybe you’re getting back into sewing after a long break? Create and Craft has some great sewing hacks for beginners to make your projects pro quality. These tips will help you save money, create professional patterns, keep your tools sharp, and more!

5 Sewing Hacks for Beginners

Everyone needs good tips to help their crafting. Because sewing can seem like a scary thing to start, here are five simple tips that will make your projects and sewing fun and easy.

How to fix a broken zipper

Fixing a broken zipper that’s come off one track is easy. Just follow these simple steps. First, take your zipper and pull it all the way down, as far as it will go. Second, take a pair of pliers and gently squeeze the zipper, like you’re giving it a handshake. Finally, pull the zipper up and test it. You should be good to go!


Zipper Sewing Hacks 2


Save money on thread

Save big money on spools of thread by using large cone thread instead of smaller spools. Buying larger amounts of thread will save you money in the long run. But never buy cheap lint thread, which can damage your machine.


Thread Sewing Hacks


Use freezer paper to cut out patterns

Create the same beautiful pattern again and again without paperweights or pins. Just use freezer paper to trace out your design, use your home iron on a medium setting to press the paper onto the fabric, and cut! The heat will make the paper adhere slightly to the paper. Finally, you can take the cut pattern and repeat the process to make the same cuts again and again!


Sewing Hacks 7


How to sew stripes

You can use freezer paper again for this handy tip. Cut out the shape of your garment in freezer paper. Place the traced shape on your stripe pattern and mark all of the necessary lines for placing and stitching.


Stripe Dress Sewing Hack


Keep your scissors sharp

Finally, keeping your fabric scissors sharp should be on your priority list.¬†Because there are a lot of myths about sharpening scissors, we’ve narrowed it down to some simple and easy steps. Clean your scissors with a cloth after every use. Also, keep them dry and stored properly. Most of all, don’t cut pins or any other metal material.


Fabric Scissors Sewing Hack



These simple hacks will help keep you sewing for years to come. Share them with your friends and swap hot tips on sewing tricks and techniques.

Do you have some great sewing hacks you’d like to share?

Comment below and share them with us!

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  • I am planning on trying to teach an autistic young lady (20 years old, grade level 10-12 years) how to sew. What would you suggest be the best way to start with someone brand new to sewing and a sewing machine?

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