5 Stamping Hacks for Beginners

5 Stamping Hacks for Beginners

Stamping is a fun and easy craft to get into. We’ve got five stamping hacks for beginners looking for some inside information on this popular and classic craft.

Hack 1 – Stamping with an acrylic block

Keep one hand on the stamp block and press evenly with your fingers. Don’t rock the stamp! This will add extra lines from the edge of the stamp that will make your image less appealing.


Hack 2 – Know your stamps

Choosing the right stamp for the project, or for you, is essential. Wood block stamps are classic, but Photopolymer clear stamps are all the rage right now for their high quality images and long-lasting lifespan. Other clear stamps made from cheaper polymers are good, but might bend or wear down after a while.

Hack 3 – Stamping with markers instead of ink pads

You can use markers on your stamp instead of ink for fantastic color effects. This gives you more control and varied effects, even if it takes a bit more time. Worth it!


Hack 4 – Using different kinds of paper

You might be tempted to use the same paper every time, but using different kinds of paper will give you different results. Try to avoid porous papers like construction paper or lightweight typing paper, and don’t use glossy cardstock because the ink won’t be able to dry properly.

Hack 5 – Cleaning your stamps

Making sure your stamps are clean for their next use is crucial. You can use painter’s pads (that are used for edging) to clean your pads, scrup pads, or you can pick up a stamping scrub to scrape off and dry your stamps.

You can find all sorts of stamps, paper, and inks at Create and Craft. Create something stunning and share it with us in the comments! Or, you can share some of your own stamping hacks with us in the comments below!

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