7 Reasons to Start Rubber Stamping

7 Reasons to Start Rubber Stamping

Do you want your papercraft creations to come alive in a matter of seconds? Then stamping may well be the perfect technique for you! Stamping is favoured by many crafters, as it’s quick, accessible, inexpensive and not at all complicated to master! Whether you’ve always been artistic or you’re a creative novice, you can achieve your own beautiful, personalised results in no time. From making handmade cards and decorating scrapbook pages, to upcycling your interior décor, this is an extremely handy technique to use.

One of the biggest advantages of stamping is its versatility; whether you’re a regimented crafter or you want each and every project to be entirely unique, there are so many possibilities. The process of stamping is only the start of your creative journey – once you’ve secured your simple outline, proceed to colour, decorate and embellish the image to your heart’s content! Keep it simple or add detail and intricacy like no other – it’s entirely up to you.

1. You Needn’t Have Artistic Talent…

Naturally artistic people can produce some pretty spectacular projects, especially when it comes to using supplies likes inks and paints – but for those of us who are less creatively gifted, producing eye-catching designs for cardfronts and scrapbooks can be more of a daunting task… enter the stamp! Thanks to this simple yet ingenious little invention, you need only an ounce of artistic talent to decorate gift bags, home decor items, gift tags, cards and more! Simply select your design, ink up your stamp, and delight in the result almost immediately. You can choose to keep it simple, or experiment with more complex techniques as time progresses!

2. It’s Quick and Easy to Master…

The hardest part about stamping, is trying to decide which design you want to work with! Creating a Christmas card and can’t decide whether to stamp a tree or a snowman? Or perhaps simply a large festive sentiment in a super-stylish font would do the trick? With a selection of a stamps and a cardblank, the possibilities are endless as to what you can create… and it takes only a matter of seconds to get your idea down on paper! Simply ink up your stamp, place it, and voila! And for more complex designs – such as layered stamps – there are special tools that will ensure your placement is spot-on, every single time. Easy!

3. It Makes Batch-Crafting Easier…

One-of-a-kind crafts are always a joy to create – knowing that your design is entirely unique and personalised for your recipient is one of the best things about handmade gifting! However, there are times when batch crafting is called for. Think party invitations, wedding stationery, Christmas gift tags… and it’s times like these that you’ll thank your lucky stars for your stamp set! Creating 10, 20, 50 or more of the same design is as easy as can be – just ink, stamp and repeat!

4. You Don’t Need Many Supplies…

Whilst there are plenty of supplies you can invest in as your hobby grows, to begin with, you can start exploring stamping with very little initial outlay. Simply select a stamp set you love, invest in a mount and an ink pad or two, and get creative!

If you decide after this that you simply love stamping (and we can see no reason why you wouldn’t!) then by all means, expand your collection, and experiment with embossing powders, different colouring techniques for outline stamps, daubing, and more! But, if you prefer to keep things simple, stamping can be one of the simplest ways to achieve total crafty satisfaction!

5. Almost any surface can be transformed!

That’s right – stamping is not just for papercrafts! Depending on the type of ink you use, you can stamp onto glass, wood, clay, fabric and more. Use your stamps to add intricate or eye-catching designs to home decor projects as well as fashion accessories, and other crafty endavours… the only limit is your imagination!

6. It’s Perfect for Kids to Build Creative Skills…

Rubber stamping is a fantastic way to introduce young children to arts and crafts, or to encourage older children to explore their own creativity.

For younger children, look for stamps with simpler designs (as they may end up a little smudged, in the beginning!) and stamps with easy-to-hold handles, that aren’t too large. Remember to let your child experiment for themselves! Playing around with different colours and compositions is a great way to explore mark-making at a young age, and enjoy the way in which they are able to transform  the blank page in front of them!

7. Create and Craft Has Got You Covered!

Our selection of stamping supplies is packed with top brands, quality stamps, and the latest innovation when it comes to stamping accessories and must-haves! Keen to get started? Check out our range, and let us know what you’ll be stamping first!

4 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Start Rubber Stamping”

  • My January 2019 resolution is to expand my crafting by actually USING the stamps (& inks) I purchased through C & C! I seem to be having a problem & I get discouraged VERY easily. I used a Tattered Lace ink pad (new) & a Stamps By Me clear stamp (LOVE.) Both of these brands are superior, so I must need some help. The LOVE stamp I have used previously. When I went to ink it up, pad to clear stamp, it BEADED UP on the stamp! I kept trying to ink it until I got full coverage, but I never did! Can a film develop on the stamp? I keep the stamps in a cool, dry place. PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you.

    • Hi Judith! Our papercraft expert, Sara Naumann recommends keeping a pack of inexpensive baby wipes on hand to clean your stamps immediately after use — both acrylic and wood-mounted stamps. A simple swipe is all that’s needed, and then you can let them air-dry, or pat with a towel. (Be sure to clean off your blocks, too.) This stamp cleaning method works perfectly for dye-based inks, distress inks and pigment inks. It even works with solvent inks, which can still stain your stamps – although please note that staining won’t hurt your stamps! If you stamp with paint or other non-ink mediums, however (like texture paste), then you need to wash your stamps thoroughly. Rinse clear acrylic stamps under water, using washing-up liquid. For wood or block stamps, opt for a commercial stamp cleaner or scrubber pad. Hope this helps!

    • Hi Esther! You can create layered stamped designs by stamping multiple layers of colour/design in one location to create an image with more depth. For example, you may stamp a background colour or shape, followed by a coordinating outline, followed by a detailed foreground shape or design. Placement is crucial if you want to create layered designs, so we recommend using stamping platforms for accuracy!

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