Adult Coloring – The Hot New Craft

Adult Coloring – The Hot New Craft

Adult Coloring is hot, but what is it all about? Coloring books, crayons….no not really, but not that different either. Adult coloring is a trendy art form that is taking the craft industry by storm. Stacks of coloring books, black and white art with markers, pencils and paints along side of them. Adult coloring can almost be described as a form of relaxation, a stress reliever and a great group activity. No real rules, no need to color inside the lines and what most think is the hardest part (the art) is done for you.

Coloring Artists have filled many books with color, but after the last page is done the book is closed and a new one begins and the process continues. Coloring Artists are looking for new things to color, new ways to creatively relax and more functional projects that show off their work.

The Create and Craft Buying team worked together with Tattered Angels to create a coloring kit with clever art, functional projects and fun ways to paint with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.


Adult Coloring 1


The kit includes 6 paint colors in the primary and secondary color families, you remember from grade school – red, blue and yellow and green, orange and purple. They are right off of the color wheel and you can make an infinite number of color colors by mixing these 6 colors together or use them in their pure state as was done in the fox card above and a single color chosen to paint the elephant. You can apply the mist by using the sprayer or shake and pour them into little cups and brush them on with your favorite brush or blend more than one together as shown with the Sunflower to create even more colors.


Adult Coloring 2


Here are 10 things you can make with the art you color from the kit or any art:

  1. Make a birthday card – color it the right colors and add your own sentiment
  2. Make a “gift card” card – add one of the mini bags and slip in a gift card
  3. Fussy cut card – color and cut around the art and add to a white card
  4. Misted card – mist one of the white cards with one or more colors and then add black and white or colored art to the top
  5. Paint a bookmark – punch a hole after you color it and ad a bit of cord
  6. Make a gift tag – paint and trim to any size gift tag, punch a hole and add to a gift
  7. Make an art journal – add colored cards, envelopes, stripes and tags to an art journal making pockets, art pages and more
  8. Make a set of thank you notes – paint up a few and tie them up and give the gift of handmade thank you cards
  9. Wine tags – paint and tie to a wine bottle or other bottle gift for a handmade touch
  10. Frame the art – color and then frame each piece to create works of art


Another fun thing you can do with the art is to play with color. Here are 5 things to experiment with:

  1. Play with primary colors – with 3 colors you can make thousands of colors – red, blue and red is all you need.
  2. Add water to lighten them to see how they look when they are full color to very light color by simply adding water
  3. Mix the colors in various ways – mist them next to each other, paint each color with a brush and blend them or pour colors into a new cup and make new colors to paint with, three different ways with very different results
  4. Play with one color and add touches here and there to see what you can create
  5. Choose only warm colors (red, yellow and orange) or cool colors (blue, purple and green)


Adult Coloring 3


So if you are ready to get with the trend or would like to expand you coloring we hope you are inspired to paint and create some exciting things.

Post courtesy of Canvas Corp.

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