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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving craft ideas are already on our mind here at Create and Craft. So much hard work goes into making a fabulous meal for friends and family, but crafting can make the hard work fun for everyone! We know how much you plan to make […]

4th of July Projects

4th of July Projects

The 4th of July is almost here! How do you plan on celebrating? We’ve got some patriotic craft projects to help make your holiday sparkle like a fireworks display!

Tattered Lace Snowglobe 3D Card

Tattered Lace Snowglobe 3D Card

Christmas is only a few months away so now’s the time to make your Christmas greetings cards for your loved ones. To help you on your way, follow these simple steps to create this extra-special Tattered Lace Snowglobe 3D card which embodies the essence of the festive season.

CCPL Finished Sample (note you will be getting the actual finished sample in the post)

Featuring an adorable fawn, traditional fir trees, and detailed mini snowflakes, you can create a variety of sensationally sparkling winter scenes that will make a gorgeous decoration for the lucky recipient.

You will need:

Tattered Lace Essentials Snowglobe Die
Tattered Lace Starlight Circle Die
Tattered Lace Fawn Die 
Tattered Lace Christmas Leaves Trio Die Set
Tattered Lace Christmas Rose Trio Die Set
Tattered Lace Essentials Scene Stepper Die
Tattered Lace Trio Stamp Set
Alcohol Marker Pens
White cardstock
Textured beige cardstock
Versamark Ink Pad
Gold Sparkle Embossing powder
Quickie glue pen
Crystal glitter
Vintage Photo distress ink pad
Black Soot distress ink pad
Coordinating ribbon
Blue backing paper
Red self-adhesive faux pearls


How to make your Glimmering Greetings 3D Card

  1. Using the Snowglobe die, cut two from white cardstock and one from beige cardstock. Secure together to create the card following the instructions on the packaging. Using the Snowglobe die, circle die, cut an aperture into one white and the beige snowglobes.
  2. Trim the base from the beige snowglobe as shown and gently ink with Vintage Photo. Mat onto the base of the card.
  3. Using the Snowglobe die, circle die, cut one from blue backing paper. Dot the quickie glue pen all over the circle and coat with crystal glitter. Tap any excess glitter back into the tub. Mat the circle to the inside back of the snowglobe.
  4. Using the Snowglobe die, circle die, cut one from white cardstock. Using the Scene Stepper die, tree line, cut the circle in half to create the tree line for the inner layer. Use green alcohol marker pens to color the trees and add glitter as shown. Mat the tree line section to the back of the inside front of the card.
  5. Using the Fawn die, cut one from white cardstock and color with alcohol pens as shown. Gently ink a scrap of white cardstock with Black Soot. Mat the fawn onto this and cut around to give shading inside the body. Mat the fawn onto the card.
  6. Using the Christmas Rose Trio Die set, cut and emboss two large flowers. Gently tint the edges with a soft yellow marker pen. Offset and glue together to create a rose.
  7. Stamp and emboss the center of the flower using the Trio Stamp set and gold sparkle embossing powder.
  8. Using the Christmas Leaves Trio die set, cut and emboss 3 large leaves. Color with alcohol pens and highlight the veining detail with the quickie glue pen and crystal glitter.
  9. Using the Starlight Circle, heart sprig die, cut 6 from white cardstock and color with alcohol pens as shown. Add glitter highlights to the hearts.
  10. Mat the leaves onto the bottom left of the card as shown. Tuck and stick the sprigs to the leaves, placing some in between and some behind.
  11. Tie two bows from coordinating ribbon and glue just under the leaves as shown. Mat the flower onto the leaves and add a sparkler gem into the center.
  12. Using the Snowglobe die, snowflakes, cut three from white cardstock and mat onto the top of the snowglobe frame. Finish the card by adding a few red self-adhesive pearls as required.

Get everything you need for this project from Create and Craft!

Don’t forget to send us in some samples of your cards – we would love to see your finished creations!

Christmas Craft Trends for 2016

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Crafty Beggars Create DIY Home Décor for Halloween

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DIY Halloween – Week 4

DIY Halloween – Week 4

DIY Halloween wraps up this week at Create and Craft! Prepare and keep your holiday memories with a Scrap Pack that will make your next scrapbook a haunted delight. It’s the perfect way to share your ghoulish memories with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Did you miss the other DIY posts? Here’s some info to catch you up!

Create and Craft’s DIY Halloween

This year we’ve got free downloads each week for October 2016. These downloads range from masks to decorative candy toppers and are the perfect way to add something new to your usual October craft projects.


Our newest download features a Scrap Pack that will let you create great backgrounds for scrapbook pages and projects. Let’s take a look at this week’s download.

Download DIY Halloween Scrap Pack


You can click here for a downloadable Scrap Pack that will make stunning Halloween scrapbook pages. There’s no better way to capture your memories than with a scrapbook that’s filled to the brim with photos, candy wrappers, and spooky embellishments.

Speaking of projects, we’ve got a fun decorative Halloween project that will add a fun aesthetic to any haunted centerpiece.

DIY Halloween Decorative Blocks


The Halloween Decorative Blocks are easy to make and can liven up any table or decorative setting. Just grab some wooden blocks, Matte Modge Podge,

Click here to find the full project on the Create and Craft blog.

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DIY Halloween – Week 3

DIY Halloween – Week 3

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DIY Halloween – Week 2

DIY Halloween – Week 2

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Halloween Costume Crafting Tips

Halloween Costume Crafting Tips

Prepping for your Halloween costume is easier than you think! Some people wait until the last minute to put together a costume, other people spend all year planning what they’re going to wear. If you’re a crafter and want to get the most out of your costume, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you have a spooktacular holiday!

1) Recycle parts from old Halloween costumes

Before you rush out to buy all-new items, take inventory of your old costumes. You might be able to create something brand new from bits and pieces of things in your Halloween supplies.


Halloween Costumes 1


2) Hit up thrift shops for fabric and clothing

Some costumes call for strange clothing items: jackets, shirts, or even pants. Goodwill and other thrift stores are great places to pick up clothing items on the cheap. Even if they don’t completely match, you can modify them knowing you’re not breaking the bank.


Halloween Costumes 2


3) Make sure it’s comfortable

This is a huge thing that a lot of people miss. You might be only wearing your costume for one day or night, but you want to be comfortable at home or out at a party. Store-bought costumes can be made from itchy or sweaty material. Making your own costume will let you control the outcome.


Halloween Costumes 3


4) Craft a group costume

Creating a group costume isn’t just a fun way to go out, it’s a fun way to craft with your friends! Plan a night early in October to go out and gather your supplies. Then spend the night having wine and creating your group themed costumes (or just individual apparel) together!


Halloween Costumes 4


Other Halloween Ideas

There is a lot you can do to prepare your costume for Halloween. Here are some extra quick tips to help make sure your costume is the best that it can be.

  • Modify an existing store-bought costume to make it more personal
  • Plan out your costume on paper
  • Pick items you can use every day, not just Halloween

Halloween Costumes 5


What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

Do you have any Halloween crafting or costume tips?

Comment below and share all the spooky details with us here at Create and Craft!

DIY Halloween – Week 1

DIY Halloween – Week 1

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Arts and Crafts Festivals – Fall 2016

Arts and Crafts Festivals – Fall 2016

Fall is here and that means it’s time for Arts and Crafts Festivals! These festivals and conventions are a great way to sell your crafts and meet other crafters. Also, you can get inspiration from other people’s craft projects and creations. Create and Craft has […]

National Sewing Month – Sewing Machine Fun Facts

National Sewing Month – Sewing Machine Fun Facts

September is National Sewing Month and we’re excited to share the love and craft of sewing with you. The craft of sewing has come a long way over the years, and we want to celebrate by sharing fun facts with you about sewing and sewing machines.

Fun facts about sewing

Create and Craft loves the joy of sewing. So to celebrate, we’ve compiled some fun facts and history about sewing and sewing machines. Let’s take a look!

Invention of the sewing machine

Elias Howe invented the sewing machine in 1846. Because of this invention, he helped start the technological, industrial, and social revolution of sewing. Creating this machine sped up industrialization across the globe. Due to its popularity, it led to companies and mass producing garments for retail.


History of Sewing 4


The Cult of Domesticity

Sewing always had its place in the home, but the sewing machine brought new life to the craft and the middle class. As a result, it helped create The Cult of Domesticity and progressed middle-class women and their use of technology. Also, sewing machines were more widely available than typewriters or automobiles, making it a symbol of the modern era.


History of Sewing 1


National Sewing Month

National Sewing Month began in 1982 when President Ronald Reagan named September as National Sewing Month to honor sewing in the home and the United States. As a result, people celebrate sewing every September and all year round in the world of crafting.


History of Sewing 2


Sewing machine timeline

The Mill Museum has a timeline that showcases the journey of the sewing machine. Check out the events below to see a snapshot of sewing’s history from 1755 to 1900!


History of Sewing 3



1755: Charles Wiesenthal invents double-pointed needle for hand sewing.

1826: Henry Lye patents a machine that stitches together the ends of leather belting for machines.

1830: Bathelemy Thimonnier invents a wheel-driven embroidering machine that uses a needle with a hook at the pointed end.

1834: Walter Hunt patents a crude, unworkable sewing machine that employs two strands of thread, one carried by a needle with an eye in the pointed end, the other driven by a shuttle.

1846: Elias Howe patents first practical sewing machine.

1849: Benjamin Wilson invents an automatic feeding system.

1851: Isaac Singer patents and begins manufacturing the first sewing machine fit for home use.

1854: Allen Wilson invents an improved reciprocating shuttle.

1855: Allen Wilson and Nathaniel Wheeler begin manufacturing sewing machines with rotary hooks rather than shuttles.

1856: Following loss of patent infringement lawsuit to Howe, Singer joins with Howe, Wilson & Wheeler, and Grover & Baker to organize Patent Combine to monopolize sewing machine production for 1860s and 1870s.

1889: Singer Company introduces first practical electric sewing machine.

1900: Singer Company claims 80% of global sewing machine Sales.

Get into sewing

Finally, grab some thread and your sewing machine and craft something amazing this September for National Sewing Month. Also, Don’t forget to visit Create and Craft for sewing supplies and watch our program guide for deals on sewing machines and supplies!

What do you love most about sewing?

Who taught you to sew?

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