How to Make Bead Embellished Bugs [Sarah Millsop]

How to Make Bead Embellished Bugs [Sarah Millsop]

You can create any type of bug, fly or beetle with this beading technique, so there are no right or wrong patterns or designs. You can even free-form and get creative with your critters! 🐜


Step 1:

Use your ‘body bead’ as a template and cut out a felt cover, be it a body or wings. Try to pick a felt color that will match or complement your seed bead colors for the best effect.

Step 2:

Knot the end of your thread and pass it up and down through your felt a couple of times to secure. Do this as close to the edge as you can. Start with your needle on the opposite side to the knot, so the knot will be hidden on the underside.

Step 3:

Thread a line of seed beads for your design and hold them flat to the felt. Push the needle through to the bottom at the very end of your seed beads. Work your way back down the beads by bringing your needle up through the thread, passing over the line of seed beads, and passing the needle back through to the bottom. Move along 2 – 3 seed beads at a time. You will be ‘tacking’ the thread to the felt and this will help you achieve curves in your beads.

*TOP TIP: If your lines or seed beads need tightening and neatening up, simply sew through them a second time. This should pull them close and help close gaps!

Step 4:

Before you glue the felt to the ‘body bead’, cut lengths of wire for the legs. Glue these to the top of the seed beads or wrap the wire around it to secure. The felt will be glued on top of these, helping to secure but also hide any mess.

Step 5:

Roll a piece of felt for the head and embellish with seed beads in the same way as the wings… Or you could use rolled wire.

As there are so many shapes and sizes of bugs to create, you can have fun and play with these techniques to achieve your desired shapes and patterns. This is a great project for anyone who sews and fancies having a play with familiar techniques but new materials! – Sarah Millsop

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🕷️ KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED! 🐞 Sarah has created a whole swarm of beaded insects… 🐛 Which creepy crawly will appear on the blog next? Keep checking back to find out! 🐜

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