How to Make a Beaded Spider [Sarah Millsop]

How to Make a Beaded Spider [Sarah Millsop]

You can make your beaded spider in any size and color you like. Attach to brooch backs or use as embellishments for your home decor… they are fun and simple to create, and a great use of leftover beads! If you want to wear your spider, you may wish to use a thicker wire for the legs so they stay in position and are not as delicate to touch! – Sarah Millsop


Step 1:

Thread the ‘body bead‘ onto the thick wire. Leave enough to bend around the bead and wrap around the longer length to secure. Leave a 3mm – 4mm gap and secure the ‘head bead‘ in the same way.

Step 2:

Line up four lengths of the thin wire and, from the middle, wrap all of them around the middle of the ‘head’ and ‘body’ beads. Three to four rotations will be enough to cover the thick wire and fill the gap, but if you feel it needs more you will have extra to use.

Step 3:

You will need to decide how long the legs need to be in proportion with the body. A good rule to work by is to double the length of the ‘body bead‘. Thread the small seed beads onto the legs to the required length. Missing the last bead, thread the remaining wire back up the legs through about three or four seed beads. Trim any excess.

Step 4:

Mold the legs to realistic angles. Each leg should lift from the body first to raise higher than the body. At the ‘knees’ (sounds funny referring to a spider’s knees!!) the angle should then be quite sharp downwards with a slight foot (just one bead) sitting flat on the floor. The front two legs should mold around the head and end up facing forwards. This should be replicated for the back legs, too. It might help to look at some images to obtain a realistic shape.

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