Big Blue Machine Reviews

Big Blue Machine Reviews

The Big Blue Electronic Die Cutting Machine from Tattered Lace is a fantastic way to create stunning scrapbooks, cards, and papercraft projects. But don’t take our word for it! We’ve pulled some reviews from crafters who are loving their new Big Blue Machine and can’t wait to get started on their next craft adventure.

Here’s what people are saying about the Big Blue Machine.


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I love this machine

I had a manual die cutting machine for many years, the Sizzix big shot. I sampled the evolution electronic die cutter and did not like having to hold the button down during cuts and putting the motor on was difficult. This Big Blue machine is so easy to use. The pamphlet tells you the plates you need, it automatically feeds the plates through and holds them for you at the end until you remove them. One button turns it on. The cut is precise. I have had to put a die through a second time if the die is very large, very intricate, or if I load the cutting plates with multiple smaller dies. I find this to be true with many die cutting machines.

I have severe arthritis in my hands and this machine is just perfect for my dexterity problems. I do see that I’m going to need replacement A plates as I have probably made 100 or more cuts already and the plates get marked. I was able to use a discount code to get my machine so the value I got was tremendous. I did not get it as part of a package deal but it did come with the instructions and ALL THE PLATES I NEEDED. Plus the machine is beautiful blue in color! – Missourigirl


I love the size. Cuts extremely well. Is very attractive.

I am absolutely loving my Big Blue. I have other die cutters, but Big Blue is the one I keep on my table and always use. (Along with Baby Blue). It cuts so well. Sometimes I run things through for good measure, but that’s easy enough to do. And the embossing is the most beautiful and even embossing of any machine I have. I am so very pleased with Big Blue. – SandyDO


Great machine-Love it

I love this machine, so easy to use. My only complaint is that getting new replacement pads is difficult as they are not available anywhere. I hope to be able to purchase them soon from your website. There really needs to be replacement pads available for a machine this great and used many times 🙂 – CaliGIrl


Excellent performance and value!

I purchased this machine right after it was débuted and received it in mid-February. It is simply superb. I now have four die cutting machines and this is by far the best. Cuts are almost always made on the first pass through no matter how intricate the die or thickness of stock. The singular occasion that required a second cut was using a very large spellbinders panel die with a cereal box scrap (chip board). It is a good idea to ‘catch’ the sandwich as it fully exits the machine — sometimes the opening will keep holding it, sometimes it doesn’t. For me, this is not a problem at all. The embossing function also works great on all types of folders with a beautiful, detailed and evenly embossed finish. I highly recommend the Big Blue. It is now my favorite craft tool! – Bryn


Big Blue = Big Power!!!

I just received my Big Blue. So excited!!! I couldn’t get it out of the box fast enough. And I used it right away. I’m so smitten with this machine. It cut perfectly on the first pass and embossed beautifully on the second pass. I can’t wait to make even more treasures. This machine is so powerful. Tattered lace really hit the ball out of the park with this one. – Heavelyberi


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