Bling in the New Year with DIY Jane

Bling in the New Year with DIY Jane

Let’s bling in the new year! New year, New ideas!  It’s fun and easy to craft in the new year and add some pizzazz to your old stuff. So kick 2016 off with a sparkle and bling up your new year!  Take what’s SO 2015 and make it new again.

We’re all strapped by a budget – no matter how big or how small – but we all want something new for the home, office or wardrobe for the new year; just think embellish!  One of the hottest trends for 2016 is to add bling to everything! Add gemstones to old frames, updated boring shoes, an old purse and even your favorite wine glass.

New Year 1

New Year 7

New Year 11

It’s a great activity for cold winter days and fun to do with kids too. And, by the way, it’s a super thrilling accomplishment when you do-it-yourself! So get your creative juices flowing and start blinging!

What do you need? Gem & jewelry glue, spray adhesive, flat back gemstones, old frames, shoes, purses, wine glasses, coffee mugs, mirrors… the list is endless! Remember in 2016 there are no rules so try using broken CDs, buttons, mirri board or glitter paper.

New Year 2


First, make sure the surface is free of dust or any dirty old goop that may have accumulated over the years. So do a quick wipe off with a soft cloth.

New Year 8

Figure out what gems you want to use and how you want to lay them on the item….and start glueing! I like using a gem adhesive which you can find right here on

New Year 3

New Year 7

New Year 9

If you are using CDs, they are easy to cut with a scissors and fun to place like fitting puzzle pieces on the frame or other items you are embellishing.

And fitting the paper on the cover of old notes books is as easy and measure, cut, attach and you’ve updated your notebook for a fresh new start!

New Year 5

New Year 6

New Year 4

Remember, there are no mistakes when your are creating so get to it and BLING up your new year!

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  1. Patt January 16, 2016 at 9:35 am #

    I’m normally nor big on ,akinmg things like this, but with a sister who won’t be with me much longer, I’d love to give her the frams with a picture of her and I. This looks easy, which I need, and I really like the finished product! Thanks for sharing this!