Carley Duff Card Making Tips and Tricks

Carley Duff Card Making Tips and Tricks

Our lovely guest Carley Duff has some great card making tips, don’t you think? Luckily, she’s taken the time to outline two different card making techniques to help you with your next project. Here, Carley Duff shows how to create the single and double twisted easel. How great do these cards look?

Single Twisted Easel

To make this card, Carley used two pieces of cardstock and decorated with dies.

1.) Cut cardstock 6×12 in half to create card base.
2.) Next trifold in half.


3.) Cut 6×6 card and attach to trifold.
4.) Decorate with picture and die cuts!


Double Easel Card

To make this card, Carley used a few pieces of cardstock, pictures from Debbie Moore, embellishments from Trimcraft and Dreamies and some Tattered Lace dies!

1.) Fold a 12 x 12 base card into quarters.


2.) Cut top half to center and fold back trifold.


3.) Cut four 6×6 squares.

4.) Attach 2 to the trifold to create easels. The other two are used for layers on the bottom base.


5.) Decorate with dies and embellishments for the finished look! This card technique can be used for many different occasions. What will you create?


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