Add Color to Your Life with This Rainbow Cake!

Add Color to Your Life with This Rainbow Cake!

Rainbow cakes are very much on-trend at the moment. You can do so much with them by making the sponge cake different colors – just add food coloring into your cake mix before baking. Then you could cut a little gap into the centre of the cake and add some colored candy – and that’s just the inside of the cake! I used rainbow colors on this cake but wanted it to look a little more sophisticated. This is my take on a rainbow cake. – Cassie Brown

You Will Need:

Step 1:

You will need to take a little time coloring all the paste. I used a ball of paste about the size of a golf ball for each color in the rainbow. You will need all 7 colors.

Step 2:

Roll out a quarter of the red paste to a thickness of about 1/2mm, using the corn starch to stop the paste sticking. Using the Steven Benison cutter, press down onto the paste and turn the cutter upside down. The paste normally sticks into the cutter which is good on this occasion as you can use your thumb to rub around the edges of the cutter. This ensures a clean and neat cut. Carefully remove the paste using the pointed end of the rolling pin. Keep the center cut-out sections of paste as they are needed for the top of the cake. There will be 3 of these.

Step 3:

I cut out 3 of each color and lined them up on my Roll and Cut Fondant Fun Mat in order of cutting them out and in order of the colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, teal, violet). They need to dry a little before attaching to the cake so that they keep their shape.

Step 4:

Start with the first yellow shape you cut out, painting a little water on the joint of each section of icing in 3 places and then at the top and very bottom of the paste. Using the back of a paintbrush, attach the two ends of the paste to the bottom of the cake then let the paste fall a little. Use the back of the brush over the joint, gently pressing it against the cake. Repeat with the next joint and then the very top of the shape. It will fall into a lovely looped effect like on this cake. If the paste is drooping, it may be too damp; leave it a little before attaching to the cake. Repeat this pattern all around the cake. Remember to follow the color pattern!

Step 5:

I tried lots of different designs on the top of the cake but concluded that this was my favorite. The leaf-like shapes are cut out the same time as the shapes on the side of the cake (the cut-outs), so it all has a natural flow. Match up each leaf shape with the color on the cake and then glue it down using the waterbrush. I made these shapes swirl around a little.

Step 6:

For the center of the cake, I wanted a little height but still lots of color so I decided to make some carnations in different colors. It reminds me of the pompoms on a clown’s outfit. Roll out the paste as thin as you can and use a carnation cutter to cut out shapes.

Step 7:

Fold the paste longways in half, then brush a little water on the bottom of the part you’ve just folded. Lift the paste and carefully roll it up a little. Fold it back on itself and roll a little more until it’s all rolled into a flower, then squeeze the paste at the bottom of the cutter to make the carnation pop out at the top. Cut off the excess paste at the bottom and attach to the cake with a little water. Arrange them so the colors aren’t the same and they look amazing.

This rainbow cake is a simple but classy cake and full of color! – Cassie Brown

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