Creating with Couture: Big Reveal by Sara Naumann

Creating with Couture: Big Reveal by Sara Naumann

Love to make—and give—interactive cards? Here’s an easy and elegant design, featuring a zipper-like reveal in the center of the card front. The recipient simply pulls the perforated tab to reveal the sentiment inside. The best part? It’s surprisingly easy to make… with a few dies from the Couture Big Reveal Collection! – Sara Naumann

You Will Need:

Note: While I share measurements for my card here, none of these are absolutes. My finished card measures 14.5cm x 16.5cm to fit both Moroccan Borders, but you can easily amend your card size to suit your design.

Instructions for the Card:

1. To create the card front: Trim yellow watercolor card to 16.5cm x 21.5cm. Place the card so it lays the long way, then score a line about 3.5cm from each side. Fold the two flaps toward the white side of the card. This is your card front.

2. Position the straight perforation die in the center of the yellow card front. Secure with low-tack tape, then run through the die-cutting machine.

3. Use the Moroccan Tile die to cut two panels from 4cm-wide strips of white card. Glue the outer edges of the card front.

4. Die-cut the Moroccan Trim twice from yellow watercolor card.

5. Die-cut the Moroccan Trim outline twice from green watercolor card. Glue each yellow trim to an outline die-cut.

6. Adhere the trims to the card front with foam mounting squares, placing each one to either side of the perforated strip.

7. To create the card inside: Cut a 14.5cm x 16.5cm piece of green watercolor card.

8. Use the Moroccan Tile die to cut a panel from a 3cm-wide strip of white card. Glue to the left side of the green watercolor card. Die-cut “Let’s Celebrate” from white card. Die-cut the label shape from yellow card and glue the two together, then glue to the green card.

9. Place the yellow watercolor card on top of the green watercolor card and wrap the two panels around to the back, securing them with tape. Tip: Double-check the orientation of your green watercolor card before adhering the flaps, to ensure the sentiment is reading the right way!

10. If desired, cut a piece of coordinating card to cover the seams at the back.

11. Finish the card front with ribbon and pearls.

When the recipient pulls the zipper tab, the card will open to reveal your message inside!

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