Six Reasons Why It’s Never Too Early To Start Crafting For Christmas!

Six Reasons Why It’s Never Too Early To Start Crafting For Christmas!

“It’s the most wonderful tiiime, of the year!” That’s how the song goes, right? Which is why we wholeheartedly believe that we should make the most of all the fun, and excitement (and the excuse to get creative and crafty!) for as long as is humanly possible. At Create and Craft HQ, we start our crafty preparations for Christmas in June, because whilst Santa may have ditched the big red suit for a tropical shirt and a couple of weeks on the beach, we are just desperate to dive headfirst into all the glitter and fruitcake! Think it’s too soon? Read on to discover all the fabulous reasons why it’s never too early to craft for Christmas… we guarantee you’ll be reaching for the tinsel by the end of this post!

1: December is Hectic!

You know the drill – September sees the kids go back to school, in October they’re running around dressed as ghouls, November is full of fireworks, and before you know it – bang! It’s December 1st, and you’re suddenly on a countdown to the big day, rushing around posting cards, buying Christmas pudding ingredients,¬†hunting down those must-have toys that seem to be sold-out everywhere, desperately trying to untangle miles of Christmas lights to no avail… the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all the hard work of Christmas was behind you by December 1st? Cards made, signed and ready to post? Handcrafted decorations already on the tree, and handmade gifts already wrapped and placed under it? Imagine if all you had to do in December was bask in the glow of the fairy lights, and enjoy the festivities…

2: It Could Actually Make You Happier!

According to psychology experts, those of us who are always itching to pop up the Christmas decorations a month before everyone else are more likely to be in touch with our inner child! Apparently immersing yourself in all the tinsel and reindeer helps to remind you of your childhood – a more carefree time before the stresses and strains of daily adulting came into your life! Rekindling those magical childhood emotions of festive excitement and joy can make you feel happier… and we’re all for feeling happier!

3. You Can Take The Time To Get It Right

When it comes to crafting, throwing together a project when you’re racing the clock is not something we advocate doing too often. It can be stressful – and crafting is certainly not supposed stress you out! Quite the opposite in fact – crafting encourages mindfulness, relaxation and creativity… and these are things that require minimal time restraints! Start your Christmas projects now, and there’s no way you’ll be forced to finish them in a rush, and end up disappointed with your efforts.

4. Indulge in Festive Entertainment!

There are so many fabulous festive films on TV in the run-up to Christmas, there never seems to be enough time in December to dedicate to watching them all! If, however, you get your Christmas crafting on early, you can indulge in all the Christmas films you like – without feeling guilty about the 101 other things on your Christmas to-do list! Snuggle up on your sofa with your Christmas crafting supplies, and big box of chocolates, put your favourite festive film on the box, and immerse yourself in Christmas magic… over and over again!

5. Your Gift-Giving Will Be En Pointe

Have you ever done your Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve? What a nightmare! The crowds are crazy, you can’t find all the things you actually wanted, and you’re forced to resort to emergency-purchasing… meaning everyone you love receives a slightly strange gift the following morning! Why not give yourself plenty of time to think about your recipients and the things they love, so that you can create them a truly personalised gift that will leave them beaming on Christmas Day, without all the panic of last-minute buying!

6. It’s The Perfect Excuse For Crafty Family Fun

Your family might not be that interested in crafting generally, but when it comes to Christmas, everyone loves to get a little creative and crafty! Entice your friends and family to join you at the craft table, by covering it in sparkling festive goodies that will reconnect them with their inner child, and have them giggling over the glitter glue with you all afternoon!

Have you started crafting for Christmas yet? It’s sooner than you think!

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