Crafter of the Week – Congratulations Judy Kirkland!


CONGRATULATIONS to Judy Kirkland from Spotswood, NJ who has been chosen as our Crafter of the Week!

I got into scrapbooking, card making, and mixed media as a way to fill a two hour slot every evening where I had been talking to my fiancé. When he died suddenly, I had to find something to occupy that slot. I originally signed up for a scrapbooking class at a local high school. When that class was cancelled I saw an ad for a local scrapbooking store. The owner of the store spent a great deal of time talking to me. I ultimately took many classes at the store. Unfortunately that store closed and now so I am learning by trial and error.

I found that the mixed are area was something that I discovered I enjoyed. I have absolutely no background in any arts or similar areas so YOU TUBE with all its videos has been a great help. It is said anything you want to find out can be found out on the internet and that is so true.

I first started this endeavour at age 56. My first big project was a scrapbook for my daughter. The title was THE BEGINNING OF THE CIRCLE. The first picture of her taken I the hospital. It covered her life from birth to the birth of her daughter. The final page said, THE CIRCLE IS NOW COMPLETE and included a picture of her daughter. One of the things that I was trying to achieve was connecting her to the past. Her love of music came from my mother’s family. I included all her weird saying and hoped her daughter would one day see all the unique things her mother did.   I gave it to her on her very first mother’s day.

I have now been at it for 9 years and still have many things I would like to do or try. I have lived in the same town for almost all of my life; it is a small town population of 8000.

Whenever my daughter and granddaughter are here, I try to remember to take 4th generation pictures. My father just celebrated is 93rd birthday and is attending his 73 high school class reunion this week.  I am not sure what I will end up creating with these pictures of us but I want to make sure my daughter and granddaughter have these pictures to remember the family by.

We love the way Judy uses old family pictures in a crafty way!:

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One Response to Crafter of the Week – Congratulations Judy Kirkland!

  1. Laura November 2, 2015 at 2:06 pm #

    Hello Judy
    So sorry for the lost of your loved one.
    I am so glad you got into crafts that you can poor your love into
    and that last forever . Great work. I too had to learn on my own.
    Good luck
    Laura In Missouri