Crafter of the Week – Sandy Tregaskis

Crafter of the Week – Sandy Tregaskis

sandy tegue

Congratulations to our Crafter of the Week – Sandy Tregaskis from Millbrook, Alabama!

I am 50 years young,  a grandmother of six and a mom of three. I am a cancer survivor and when I found this charity that donated hats to cancer patients I knew I wanted to be a part of that. I watched videos to learn how to crochet and off I went. I was channel surfing one day in 2015 and found Create  & Craft and I was hooked. After my first order I knew I wanted to add cards with the hats and now I send cards with each hat. I enjoy gardening, taking our dogs for walks and being a grandmother. Card making and crocheting relax me and I hope they bring joy to the patients who receive them. My goal is to send hats and cards  to all 50 states. I am half way there and look forward to creating more cards with C&C as my inspiration.

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