Canvas Corp Projects

Canvas Corp Projects

We love Canvas Corp, don’t you? The versatility of the products along with the rustic look and finish of the items add a special touch to homemade items. There’s a variety of crafts you can create with the new Canvas Corp products. Take a look at these Canvas Corp projects for some inspiration!

Canvas Corp and Tattered Angels Basics come together to make exciting cards and tags.  Starting with the basics makes it easy to create projects just the way you want them.  Mix and match the papers and paints to create your own color palette, seasonal palette or to match printed papers or embellishments you would like to use.  When you think basics the words simple and boring might come to mind, but we are here to prove to you that the basics are anything but simple and boring.

canvas Corp 1Here are a series of cards and tags that were all created with “the paper basic.”  Here is all you need:

  • 12×12 Canvas Corp Printed Cardstock Bundle
  • 5×11 kraft, white and ivory heavyweight stock
  • 150 piece Tag Assortment
  • 1# Mixed Media Pack
  • Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist
  • Favorite Stamp(s)
  • Favorite black ink (recommend pigment ink)
  • Assorted cords, ribbons or jute
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Paper Cutter

canvas corp 2

The Watercolor Card –

Step 1 – Choose one of the Printed Cardstock Papers (we choose the blue & ivory dot rev)

Step 2 – Choose 4-5 colors of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – shake and pour each one into a separate small cup or paint palette

canvas corp 3

Step 3 – with a paint brush, randomly color in the dots you can apply a lot of color, leave some white space, etc.  There are no rules just have fun coloring in the dots.

canvas corp 4

Step 4 – Paint one of the tags with the same colors used to fill in your dots in a random pattern to create the color block tag effect.

canvas corp 5

Step 5 – After the tag is dry, stamp with the black ink onto the color block painted stamp.  Note:  The colors will blend when you overlap them creating new colors.

Step 6 – Cut the painted paper into the card size of your choice and then layer a piece of canvas and burlap (found in the 1# Mixed Media Pack) and finish with your color-block painted tag.

canvas corp 6

Step 7 – with the leftover paper we created an oversized tag and created a second color-block tag.

canvas corp 7

Mixed Media Handmade Canvas Flower Card

What you will need:

  • 12×12 Printed Cardstock Paper (from the exclusive 50 pack for Create and Craft)
  • Assorted Glimmer Mist Paints (from the exclusive 12 pack for Create and Craft)
  • Canvas (from the 1# Mixed Media Pack)
  • Pieces of burlap, kraft paper and canvas
  • Tag (from the 150 piece Assorted Tag pack for Create and Craft)
  • Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Paper Cutter
  • Glue

Step 1:  Cut your card to size.

Step 2:  Shake and pour a small amount of different Mist Paint onto one paper plate and drag the card through the various paints creating this variegated look.  Note:  Glimmer Mist is made from water, which will curl paper a bit, we suggest putting a heavy item on each corner, which will help the card dry flat.

canvas corp 8

Step 3:  Cut 2 circles from any scrap cardstock paper about 2” and 3” in diameter (if you have a round punch that works great too).  With scissors cut a small snip into a piece of canvas (making a ½” strip or smaller) and tear all the way across leaving the frayed edges.  You will want in total about a dozen of these.

Step 4:   Cover your paper circle with glue and tightly twist the first piece of canvas and then place in the center of the circle making your round flower and repeat until the entire circle is covered.  Repeat on the smaller circle to make the second flower.  Add two small pieces to make the leaves.

canvas corp 9

Step 4: Layer a piece of canvas, burlap and kraft stock onto the card and then glue in place your flowers.

Step 5:  Using the same dragging technique cover a tag and let dry.

Step 6:  Shake and pour one of the colors onto a separate plate, dip your choice of stamp into the ink and stamp onto canvas.

Step 7:  Layer the tag, inked canvas onto your choice of Printed Card Stock.

canvas corp 10

Handmade Cards for any Season

The basics make it easy to create quick and easy cards for any holiday, event or special occasion.  You can create the seasonal color palette.

Card 1:  choose any red paper, mist another paper with the blue mist and instantly you have the perfect color palette for 4th of July, Memorial Day or a Patriotic Event.

canvas corp 11

Card 2:  Using the same red paper, simply stamp with green ink onto the triangle tags or paper and create a simple holiday card.  What a great project for the classroom, camp or when you are making 100 to send to all your friends.

The 12×12 Printed Cardstock pack is filled with papers in every color making it the perfect choice for all your seasonal and handmade card needs.

canvas corp 12

Simple Stamped Card

We all have a collection of stamps, so grab two of them and make simple cards in just a few easy steps.  When you start with one of the Canvas Corp 12×12 Printed Cardstock Papers you have a great card base with background color.  Randomly stamp on top of the print with your favorite all over stamp.  Then add a touch of burlap, simply stamped tag and a piece of stamped canvas, it is that easy.

So whether you are into mixed media, making seasonal cards, watercolor, stamping, stenciling, painting, mist, the basics are all you need to create an amazing ensemble of cards, tags and more.

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  • I’m blown away by the wide array of products Canvas Corp Brands has to offer! I’m like a kid in a candy shop! ❤ You guys made some great projects! I especially love the banner card . . . I’m a sucker for those!

  • Awesome projects! I love Canvas Corp. They have some wonderful products, not only for papercrafting, but mixed media as well. I have a question: do you know the weight of their heavyweight cardstock? I’m just curious. I need some thick cardstock that I can use with several different mediums.
    Thank you for the great post!

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