Crafty Beggar Wendy Turner Webster’s Pompoms

Crafty Beggar Wendy Turner Webster’s Pompoms

I was a ‘Pompom Virgin’ until we were asked to do a whole show on them for Create and Craft. Although, I’d seen a lot of them on our first TV series of Crafty Beggars when some of our contestants worked through the night to make zillions of them! They made pompom Alice bands, earrings, ear muffs, bunting (the list goes on!) so I was aware of the possibilities…

Bags of Glue

I don’t currently own a sewing machine (although rather excited as I’m about to take delivery of one!), so this bag was made with fabric glue alone! I loved the pretty fabric in the fat quarters that I used for this and think the layer effect of the material works well. The icing on the cake is, of course, the color coordinated pompoms which dangle from the bottom!

No Watering Cans Needed

I used more of the fat quarter material and some of the strands of yarn to create this piece of wall art depicting a garden. A thick piece of card, some scissors and fabric glue and you’re away! Plus, pompoms work well at the center of any flower.

And the Glue Continues to Flow…

This is my favorite project from my pompom extravaganza. Again, this scarf is made using only fabric glue and I love the contrast between the monochrome material and the vibrantly colored pompoms.

Funk Up Your Flipflops

You can buy plain flipflops really cheaply, then really ‘funk them up’ with the help of some fabric and, of course, some pompoms. I cut strips of fabric and wound them around the rubber ‘bars’. Then, I placed a pompom at the center as the crowning glory.

The Key to It All…

If you’re going to make a pompom keyring, make a bold statement and create one so big that you’ll never misplace your keys again!

Mirror, Mirror, Chop, Chop

The word ‘chop’ is mentioned because the spokes coming out of the mirror are actually chopsticks covered in fabric! I like the randomness of this project and the various pompoms remind me of little planets. Beam me up, Scottie!

Flower Power

This flower or rosette is handy as it has several different uses; a brooch for a plain sweater, a motif for a bag, a hair adornment on a clip, a hair band, or you can make several in different sizes and colorways and create a piece of wall art. As I said at the start of this article, once you enter the world of pompoms, there are countless possibilities!

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