Crafty Beggars Create DIY Home Décor for Halloween

Crafty Beggars Create DIY Home Décor for Halloween

DIY Home Décor for Halloween

Join the Crafty Beggars and Create DIY Home Décor for Halloween this year! They’ve got great projects including Halloween Jars, Cackling Cards, a Trick or Treat Trays, and DIY Pumpkins Using Old Books. It’s the perfect way to turn regular craft items into spooky and frightening decorations for the holiday season.

Watch the videos below to join the Crafty Beggars as they create and craft a whole range of haunted home décor.


Halloween Jar

This Halloween Jar project is a great way to make a fun candle holder out of your jars, dies, and papercraft supplies.

Cackling Cards

Create horror-themed cards that will stand out with your friends and family.


Trick or Treat Tray

Give your sweets and treats a fabulous place to rest in peace — until they get snatched up! This Trick or Treat Tray will take you a step above the usual candy bowl.


DIY Pumpkin Using Old Books

This DIY Pumpkin is a really fun project. Create a unique piece of Halloween home décor with a pumpkin made out of old books. Ir’s a great project for new and experienced crafters alike. Use this craft to add a personal touch to your decorated tables and centerpieces.


Watch more Crafty Beggars

You can get more of the Crafty Beggars by watching Create and Craft. It’s the perfect way to learn more about crafting, find new and exciting products, and experience crafting with passionate crafters! Make sure to keep up with the Crafty Beggars on Create and Craft by checking the program guide for listings.

Happy Halloween!

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