Create and Craft Hosts Share What They’re Thankful For

Create and Craft Hosts Share What They’re Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving day! Today, we celebrate all we are thankful for. Here at Create and Craft, we’re thankful for our wonderful customers, amazing hosts and guests, and all of you fans who continue to inspire us with your wonderful creations. We asked our Create and Craft hosts what they’re thankful for this holiday.

Aly Bockler

“I am thankful for my dad, Bob Ockler, who’s been battling cancer. he has had a few months of treatment, never ever complains, and is almost out of the woods and on the winning end. I’m also thankful for my here at Create and Craft. I love coming to work everyday I’m on. I love the staff, the viewers, and the newfound fun that is the crafting world. I’m happy to be apart of it and there is no stopping me now!”

bob bockler

Andy Hodgson

My girls are a daily reminder that being healthy and happy are the only things you need in life. They’re a constant reminder of the joy childhood brings and we always make time to have cuddles and giggles. At 4 and 7 years old, they are wide eyed and full of magic. I’m thankful for their beauty both inside and out.


Jinger Adams

The list of things I’m grateful for could go on forever, so I will try and keep it simple. I’m so grateful for family! I live and breath for my children and am so blessed I get to be their mother. They are just two of the best people I know! I don’t even know if grateful is a big enough word to explain how I feel about my parents. They have been there for every happy or bad moment in my life and never let me down. I’m grateful for my Create and Craft family. The people I work with are some of the best people I’ve ever met, and surround me with love and friendship when I’m so far from home. And finally I’m grateful for my Create and Craft family audience. I’ve grown quite close to many of you these past two years, and I’m so grateful for your love and acceptance!


Libby Flyod 

I’m thankful for many things in my life but most of all I’m thankful for my beautiful mother, Kay, my fabulous British hubby, Tony, my two sisters, Diane and Nancy, my twenty-one year old fur baby, Stinkers, who still thinks she’s a kitten, walks on the beach, iced lattes and although, it was 16 years ago, being able to spend quality time with my father before he passed away from cancer. And, I’m also very thankful for my health and my new Create and Craft family.


Alex Hayden

I’m thankful for the health of my family. Unfortunately, in January this year, my Grandpa Bill died and in April of this year, my wonderful Grandpa Joe had two strokes. My grandparents mean everything to me. Fortunately, I visited him and my Grandma Berta and Grandma Wil in October and I had a fantastic visit. My American family met my husband, Marc and it was our best holiday yet. My Grandpa Joe is getting better and we hope to spend more time in the States early next year.


7 thoughts on “Create and Craft Hosts Share What They’re Thankful For”

  • I like the thin thin male host who wears jeans and a matching shirt tie n best. What’s his name. He has personality plus. I watch the show for him more than the crafts

  • I like the thin thin male host who wears jeans and a matching shirt tie n best. What’s his name. He has personality plus. I watch the show for him more than the crafts. This is my first time in your web page

  • Please let us know BY EMAIL what has happened to Create and Craft USA on Direct TV!!! On Christmas Day the screen, CH.222 went completely GREEN. Then, on Dec.26, there was NO Create and Craft. There was other programming. We have ONE computer & my husband uses it. I have been faithfully watching, purchasing, & enjoying this show for ONE year exactly, 6 hrs,/day, 7 days/ per week! It is my retirement hobby & I love it. WHAT NOW!!! I called the telephone # on the screen & was told the “higher ups” were working on it. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN????? Do you not care if you lose your audience? And $$$? Faithful viewer, Judy Packard

  • What happened to Jinger??????? And what the heck happened to create and craft??? I have called C a C. No on bvcould answer . called direct TV. Nothing . .. Finally I called amazon, bless those people, they are so nice and helpful. So I guess someone in Jan. We will be getting C a C be k on this time on amazon fi for me. Wish C a C would have been more concerned with all of us who were faithful to them, by keeping us in the loop even ever so loosleiy.. Sjertilyn a very disappointed viewer

  • I just wanted to add, I have been watching C s C since it started broadcasting here in the US , I think I found it the second or third day it was on. Been watching ever since, I record it when I can’t watch it live. Please update all of us.

  • I am so disappointed that C&C left direct TV. I watched it from the day it started in the US.I loved Jinger and all the hosts. It was so lively and fun. I bought a Roku to watch it, but it is not the same.If you can please come back to Direct TV with a new contract next year, I would be grateful as I know many loyal Direct TV viewers would be. You had a huge audience in the Direct TV arena that you left behind. We spend alot of money buying your products. We want that opportunity again. please reconsider.We do not have any craft show like this in the US. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

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