Create and Craft Hosts Share Their Most Embarrassing On-Air Stories

Create and Craft Hosts Share Their Most Embarrassing On-Air Stories

It looks pretty glamorous to be on TV and our Create and Craft hosts do it with ease! But sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Our hosts have had their fair share of slip-ups, messes, giggles and more. Here are some embarrassing on-air stories from some of our Create and Craft hosts!

Aly Bockler

“I haven’t had too many embarrassing things happen so far, however my mom tends to email quite often sharing stories about her daughter that are usually embarrassing (thanks mom!). Like the one time I entered a Gingerbread House making contest when I was 15 (as we were featuring the Tonic GB houses) and mine was a total flop, just a sad sad little house with the roof caving in, and decorations falling off of it yet by default I won the $50 prize because I was the only entry in my age bracket!

Or I would have to say one day the floor directors set up a beautiful display, me being one that talks with huge hand gestures knocked down the display not once, not twice, not three times, but four times in less than ten minutes!!!!!!   Whenever anyone, a guest or host, accidentally knocks down a display, it’s now referred to as “pulling an Aly”

Libby Flyod

“I have had a couple of fun, yet embarrassing moments with Mr. Kanban, Keith Smith. But the one that I can probably mention to you is the time he talked about wearing a speedo on vacation in Spain! From card stock to speedos, I wasn’t sure where to go from there! What a vision! Keith is always fun! Never a dull moment and why our customers all love him! ”

Alex Hayden

“So, having worked in live TV for several years, I honestly try my best not to have any embarrassing moments on air. I have plenty of embarrassing moments off air all the time but I’d have to say in the short period of time that I’ve been part of the team here at Create & Craft USA, the most embarrassing thing to happen to me was during a recent juice detox that I’m participating in. I commute to work because I don’t live near the studios and to give myself a health kick, I recently started to do a little 3 day natural juice detox. It’s rather yummy but if I’m honest, I have been a little bit hungry! I thought during one of my hours my microphone picked up my tummy grumbling! That’s about the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to me!”

And don’t forget this oopsie moment from Jinger at CHA back in 2015!

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