Debbie Shore’s DIY Laptop Bag Pattern

Debbie Shore’s DIY Laptop Bag Pattern

Your laptop might look boring… but your laptop case doesn’t have to! Discover how to create your own made-to-measure laptop bag that makes working on-the-move easy… and gorgeous! With this pretty laptop case under your arm, you’ll be fully ready to make the most of your commute, and always prepared for the moment inspiration strikes. Featuring handy pockets perfect for tucking a notebook, your favorite pens and your mobile phone into, this gorgeous case ticks all the boxes. Check out Debbie’s tutorial below, and make your very own, so that being organized (and looking awesome!) for work is easy.

You Will Need:

Materials for a laptop measuring 14” x 10”:

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Step-by-Step Laptop Bag Tutorial:

Step 1:

Debbie Shore's laptop pattern step 1 image

Cut a rectangle of outer fabric 1” larger than your laptop all the way round.

Step 2:

Debbie Shore DIY laptop pattern image 2

Use this as a template to cut one more outer piece and two lining pieces. Round off the top corners. [Use a circle template if you’re not too confident!]

Step 3:

Debbie Shore laptop bag project step 3 image

Cut two strips of denim measuring 27” x 1.5”, fuse fleece to the wrong sides. Sew one strip to each side of the zip, top stitch along the seam.

Step 4:

Debbie Shore's image 4 for laptop pattern

Trim across the ends. Cut the ribbon in two, fold in half and sew, facing inwards to each end of the zip. The strip should now measure 3” wide, trim if necessary. Measure the length and take note.

Step 5:

Debbie Shore's DIY laptop bag project image 5

Measure around the top three sides of the bag side pieces. Re-measure the length of the zip section. My zip measures 27” and the bag measures 35”, that’s a difference of 8”. Add 4”, then cut in half; you will need two denim pieces cut to this size. Fuse fleece to the wrong sides and sew each end of the zip panel. This will make a panel that is too long, but it’s easier to cut it down to size than risk it being too small!

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Step 6:

Debbie Shore laptop bag project step 6 image

Cut two denim pieces measuring the width of your bag x 8”. Sew right sides together along the long sides, turn the right side out and press. Edge stitch along the top seam. Cut a second pocket from outer fabric measuring the same width x 6” and repeat the process.

Step 7:

Debbie Shore DIY laptop bag sewing project image 7

Place the small pocket in the centre of the large and sew across the bottom. Fold in half to mark the centre. Sew two dividing lines halfway from the centre line and edge.

Step 8:

image 8 of Debbie Shore's laptop bag sewing project

Place the pocket over the front of the bag, 1.5” from the bottom of the bag and sew across the base of the pocket. Sew along the center crease line to form two large pockets.

Step 9:

Step 9 image of Debbie Shore's DIY laptop bag

Fold both sides of the bag in half and crease the center tops. Mark the lining with an erasable ink pen. Fold the zip panel in half and mark in the same way. Match the markings on one side to the zip panel, and sew.

Step 10:

Debbie Shore DIY laptop bag image 10

Sew the second side in the same way. Trim off the ends of the zip panel, measure the length of the end pieces and make note. Cut a base piece of denim measuring the width of the bag x 3”, sew in place.

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Step 11:

step 11 image for Debbie Shore's laptop bag project

For the lining, cut two strips of fabric each measuring 2” x the length of the finished zip panel. Fold one edge of each strip over by 0.5” and press.

Step 12:

DIY laptop bag image 12 by Debbie Shore

Cut two pieces of lining measuring the same as the previous zip end pieces. With the folded sides on the inside, sew the long strips to the end pieces, with a gap along the center.

Step 13:

Debbie Shore laptop bag sewing project image 13

Sew this piece to the front and back pieces, then sew in the base as before.

Step 14:

Debbie Shore's laptop bag sewing project step 15 image

With the outer bag inside out, drop this inside the lining with right sides together. The zip should sit in the gap of the lining. Pin the lining to the zip before hand-sewing all around.

Step 15:

Debbie Shore finished DIY laptop bag project

Now you’re almost set – just slip your laptop and your favorite stationery inside your gorgeous new laptop bag… and you’re ready to get to work!

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