Debbie Shore’s DIY Car Seat Organizer

Debbie Shore’s DIY Car Seat Organizer

Debbie’s DIY car seat organizer keeps books and toys to hand for the kids on long car journeys. It has multiple storage pockets to keep everything together, including a clear pocket which can be used to hold a tablet for in-car entertainment! Craft this handy organizer ready for those upcoming car journeys… the kids will love it and so will you!

You Will Need:

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Debbie Shore’s DIY Car Seat Organizer:

Step 1:

car sear organizer image 1

To make your car seat organizer, first fuse the foam to the wrong side of the front fabric.

Step 2:

debbie shore's car seat organizer image 2

Trim the top two corners into curves using your circle template.

Step 3:

car organizer image 3

Fold the pocket fabric in half wrong sides together. With the folded edge at the top, measure 2 ½” from each bottom corner and trim to the edge of the folded side. Cut a 21” length of elastic, place inside the fold of the fabric and sew across one end to secure. Keep the elastic tucked inside the fold and sew just underneath to form a channel – be careful not to catch the elastic as you sew.

Step 4:

debbie shore's car seat organizer step 4 image

Now, fold the pocket fabric right sides together and sew across the bottom to make a tube. Turn the right side out and press.

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Step 5:

image 5 debbie shore's car organizer

Place the pocket 2” from the bottom of the organizer front, then sew across the bottom.

Step 6:

car seat organizer image 6

Line up the edge of the pocket with the secured elastic with the side of the organizer, then sew.

Step 7:

car organizer image 7

Pull the elastic through the channel until the top of the pocket is the same width as the organizer, then sew the pocket to the side of the organizer. Sew a dividing line straight down the center of the pocket, back stitch at the top to make the seam strong. (You could make more dividing lines if you wish).

Step 8:

debbie's diy car seat organizer image 8

Cut two 16” lengths of bias binding, then fold in half and press. Sew one piece to the top of the clear vinyl, being careful to lift the vinyl away from your machine to prevent dragging. Spray the second piece of binding with basting spray and wrap around the bottom of the pocket. Sew a 2” length, 2” from the right-hand side – this will be a gap to thread your charger through.

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Step 9:

debbie's car organizer step 9 image

Place the vinyl pocket just above the fabric pocket; make two small pleats in the bottom, 4” from each side. Sew across the bottom, leaving the 2” section you’ve already sewn unsewn. You may find using a fabric glue stick to hold the pocket in place useful. Sew over the top sides of the pocket to hold in place.

Step 10:

car organizer by debbie shore image 10

Measure the width of your tablet. Then, using this measurement, sew through the binding at the top of the pocket; this will stop the pocket from falling forward when the tablet is in there. Cut the ribbon in two. Fold each piece in half and sew, facing inwards to the top of the organizer, 4” from each side.

Step 11:

image 11 car organizer by debbie shore

Sew each end of the remaining elastic facing inwards to the bottom sides of the organizer, just below the pocket.

Step 12:

debbie's car organizer step 12 image

Adhere the backing fabric to the wrong side of the organizer and trim the rounded corners. Apply the bias binding around the organizer from the back, overlapping the ends and mitring corners.

Step 13:

car seat organizer finished project image

debbie's car organizer sewing shop button

Fold the bias binding to the front and machine sew to complete your organizer.

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