Discover the Magic of Sizzix Infinite Doodles by Pete Hughes

Sizzix Infinite Doodles

Are you ready to embark on an artistic journey that knows no bounds? Meet Sizzix Infinite Doodles, an exciting collaboration with the immensely talented artist, Pete Hughes. This collection is nothing short of a masterpiece, designed to ignite your creativity and take your crafting projects to new heights.

Pete Hughes

The creation of Sizzix Infinite Doodles

Straight from the imagination of talented Sizzix designer Pete Hughes, the Infinite Doodles Thinlits Dies Sets may at first appear to be an intriguing assortment of shapes and patterns, but if you look beyond these simple yet carefully considered designs, a whole world of creative possibilities appears before your eyes!

Sizzix® Thinlits® Die Set 59PK - Infinite Doodles #1
Sizzix® Thinlits® Die Set 59PK – Infinite Doodles #1
Sizzix® Thinlits® Die Set 4PK - Infinite Doodles #2
Sizzix® Thinlits® Die Set 4PK – Infinite Doodles #2

The first two sets to launch in the Infinite Doodle collection have been thoughtfully designed by Pete himself to work in perfect harmony. With over 70 different shapes included in Infinite Doodles #1, plus countless more detailed cuts in Infinite Doodles #2, this perfect pairing is packed with creative value offering infinite opportunities.  Infinite Doodles #2 can be used as an all over pattern, turning the 4 different designs included into a whole host of different scenes and backgrounds.

How did this collection come about?

Pete has been inspiring crafters across the globe for many years. Upon leaving school, Pete went on to train as an illustrator, specializing in cartoons and caricatures and wanted to share how he sees shapes to be able to create whatever you want to – infinite possibilities! Play around and have fun creating anything from animals, people and food to cars, buildings, landscapes and alphabets to name a few!

Why we love Sizzix Infinite Doodles

Limitless creativity

The name says it all—Infinite Doodles. These crafting essentials empower you to explore endless possibilities. Whether you’re into cardmaking, scrapbooking, or mixed media art, the collection offers tools that cater to your every creative whim.

Sizzix Infinite Doodles

Artistry meets versatility

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting, you’ll find something to love in this collection. Create stunning backgrounds, intricate embellishments, or stand-alone art pieces with ease.

Sizzix Infinite Doodles

Inspiration in every design

Pete Hughes’s distinctive designs are not just visually captivating; they’re also a wellspring of inspiration. Crafters will discover that these patterns will spark their creativity and lead to unique crafting endeavours.

Sizzix Infinite Doodles

Create and share

The Infinite Doodles packaging comes complete with QR codes, providing easy access to a dedicated hub page on the Sizzix website that will contain endless ideas and inspiration.

The #InfiniteDoodles, also featured on the packaging is to encourage you, the maker, to share your wonderful creations with others!

Sizzix Infinite Doodles

Which other Sizzix items will help me make the most of this collection?

As well as Sizzix cardstock which come in a wide assortment of colours, perfect for any doodle you want to create, but we love how well the new Sizzix Intricate Craft Tool Set works with these Thinlits! The pick up and push tools attachments allow you put all those intricate details into the perfect position!

Sizzix Tools

Craft your heart out

Once you have Infinite Doodles in hand, let your creativity flow. Experiment with different colours, materials, and techniques to bring Pete Hughes’s designs to life.

Sizzix Infinite Doodles by Pete Hughes is not just a collection; it’s an invitation to explore, create, and celebrate the artistry within you. Dive in, and let your imagination run wild with these captivating designs. The possibilities are truly infinite. Happy crafting!

You can watch Pete’s overview and discover his inspiration, and check out his official live launch on Sizzix Instagram on Monday 2nd October.

If you can’t wait you can browse the collection here!