DIY Back to School Decor Projects

DIY Back to School Decor Projects


Whether you are one of those moms who is reaching for a box of tissue to dry your tears or a set of “pom-poms” to shout out a great big cheer,  “back to school” is an exciting time.  As I was thinking about all of the kids headed back to school my mind also turned to our teachers who are also headed back to work.  I wanted to focus on some DIY Back to School Decor Projects to celebrate and thank our teachers as they set out to help our children learn and grow over the next year.

Here a few fun projects as well as techniques that can be used for other projects as well.

The First Project I want to share is a fun idea or bookmarks that your teacher can use for prizes or incentives for her students.  I wanted to share with you a fun paper tassel technique that is perfect for either a bookmark topper or even a graduation tassel.


You need the following supplies:

Dictionary or old book paper

Fringe Scissors (or just regular scissors will work too)

A paintbrush or wood skewer (something thin to wrap tassel around)


Gold Mirror Board (optional)

Step 1:

Cut a strip of dictionary paper the desired length you would like your tassel with regular scissors. (For a thicker tassel, use several layers.)


Step 2:

Roll the strip around a tin paintbrush handle or wood skewer. Glue every so often as you are wrapping it. If desired wrap a thin strip of mirror board around the top for a finished result.


Final Tassel:


Finished Bookmarks:


The second Project I wanted to share was an idea for a Faux Book treat box.

For this project you will need the following supplies:

-School Themed paper

-A book Shaped paper mache’ box that opens

-Corrugated kraft paper or old corrugated cardboard box packaging

Step 1: Cover the front and back of the box to resemble a book cover with spine.  Either cover or paint the inside of the box.

FUN TIP: With most paper collections you can even make use of the packaging.  Can you spot where an image from the packaging was used in this project?


Step 2: Cover the edge with Corrugated paper to resemble book pages.

Use a quote or image from the paper or print your own quote and adhere to the inside of the lid.  Then simply fill with treats or school supplies.


Last but not least, I want to share two great techniques that will help you get the most out of supplies: creating custom ribbon and making your own epoxy embellishments.

First, Creating your own custom ribbon.



Supplies Needed:

Cotton ribbon (with a fine or smooth weave)

Stays on or archival ink

Desired stamps and stamp block

 Step 1:

Simply select your desired image and stamp firmly onto the ribbon.  A great idea for customization is to use alphabet stamps so you can stamp names or monograms.

Step 2:

Place a cloth over the ribbon and heat set with an iron.  Then simply trim the ends as desired.


The last technique I want to share is how to create your own epoxy embellishments



Supplies needed:

An old button

An image or sticker that will fit inside of the button

Paint (if the button is not the color you need)

A paintbrush

Glossy Accents

Step 1:

Paint the button the desired color and let dry

Step 2:

Place image into the center of the button

Step 3:

Place a layer of glassy accents over the top.  Make sure you avoid air bubbles.  Then simply set aside until it is dry.

Final Project:


Hopefully you’ve learned something new.  Don’t forget with all of the “hussle and bussle” of back to school to remember all of the great teachers that work so hard to make our children great.  What is your favorite part about back to school?




4 thoughts on “DIY Back to School Decor Projects”

  • Hi Kristine,

    So nice to see your blog. The tips you shared are exceptional.

    How thoughtful of you to consider the Teachers too in your project ideas! When I was young and trying to decide on a career choice, I thought of becoming a teacher. It isn’t an easy job. I agree with you that it’s really important for parents to show how much they appreciate what they do for the children in their care. I’m sure the teachers were happy to have yours in their class.

    Your tags are so pretty. What a fun idea! I have one of those scissors, but I bought it mainly to cut up papers with my id information (a mini/substitute for a paper shredder). Thanks for giving me another option for using it.

    It’s nice to see you enjoying what you do on the shows at Create and Craft. I hope you liked what I sent you back in April.

  • Hi Kristine, I love our ideas and tips. Really enjoy you on C&C. Hope to see you more and more ideas and tips to come. Thanks for the teacher projects. My daughter is a teacher and I know she would appreciate any of these.Thanks again.

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