DIY Blowing Kisses Mailbox

DIY “Blowing Kisses” Valentine Mailbox

This article was originally posted by Echo Park Paper Co.

Create and craft a fantastic DIY “Blowing Kisses” Valentine Mailbox from Echo Park Paper Co. through Create and Craft!

Hello! Shellye here today with a sweetly dressed chipboard mailbox using the new “Blowing Kisses” Collection. Mailboxes are such a clever way to hold Valentine cards or use them as a treat box to fill with goodies!

First, I covered the top of the box with a sheet of 12X12 paper that was cut to size. If the paper doesn’t quite cover the entire box, use strips of coordinating paper to finish covering the sides. I chose to use a die to cut three black label shapes for the bottom. The shapes made a nice border and hid the area where the two papers joined.

The two ends of the box were traced onto patterned paper, cut out and set aside.

The two ends also have a raised piece (or a “lip” on the end that opens) that were covered with a strip of the solid black paper. The strips were cut ¼” wider than the actual measurement. Next, the strip was scored vertically so that it would cover the raised piece. Cuts were made in the ¼” overhang to create darts in the paper so that it could be folded to conform to the shape.

Before attaching the two end pieces of paper, a trim of red pom pom ribbon was added.

When the mailbox is open, you can see that I also added an edging of baker’s twine for extra detail.

The front was decorated with different stickers, die-cuts and fun accent embellishments.

Again, you can find cardboard, metal or wooden mailboxes of all shapes and sizes to use in a project such as this! Use it as storage for your chocolate candies or as a gift box for homemade cookies… your Valentine will love it!


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  1. Sue Parks January 29, 2016 at 5:22 pm #

    Very pretty.

  2. Candy February 7, 2016 at 2:03 pm #

    I live in Wilmington Delaware and would love to learn how to make theses crafts can you recommend any classes in my area please respond I would love to get in to these crafts thank you