Make Your Own Corsage: A DIY Prom Project [+ Video Tutorial]

Make Your Own Corsage: A DIY Prom Project [+ Video Tutorial]

Have you ever wondered why women wear corsages in the first place? Corsages have been around for a while! In ancient times, flowers were worn to special events to ward off evil spirits, while in more recent times they served as a token of love and courtship. Today, corsages are still popular for weddings, proms and special events and are a beautiful finishing touch to any formal wear.  There are many ways to make a corsage, but here is our modern take on the time-honoured tradition – you can make this DIY corsage in under an hour! Check out Penelope Quinn’s tutorial below to find out how…

DIY Corsage Tutorial

Whether you’re preparing for prom, getting ready for a wedding, or have another formal event fast-approaching on the calendar, you’ll know that getting the corsage right is critical! Let us take the hassle out of making your own corsage, with this quick and easy DIY corsage tutorial…

You Will Need:

DIY Corsage: Step-by-Step Project

Step One:

DIY Corsage Step 1

Lay your felt out flat and place the card lengthways in the middle, as shown. Lay your ribbon out flat, on top of the card.

Step Two:

DIY Corsage Step 2

Use your hot glue gun to apply adhesive to the sides and ends of the felt, then secure this by folding each end of felt on top of the card. This will be your base for the corsage.

Step Three:

DIY Corsage Step 3

Make sure it fits nicely around your wrist! You may choose to adjust the size of the felt and card if you’d like your corsage to be smaller or bigger.

Step Four:

DIY Corsage Step 4

Chose your flowers by thinking about the colour scheme of your dress or event. Larger flowers will make a statement; smaller flowers are best for a more understated look.

Step Five:

DIY Corsage Step 5

Now, simply glue down your flowers to the base, using your hot glue gun.

Step Six:

DIY Corsage Step 6

Tie the corsage around your wrist and finish with a bow! You can also choose to embellish with broaches or sequins for a dramatic look.

DIY Corsage Tutorial Video:

What special event are you crafting for? Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be making your own corsage this year!

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