DIY Crayon Coloring Tray

DIY Crayon Coloring Tray

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Hello my friends! I hope you’ve all had a lovely summer. Can you believe we are halfway through September? It’s back to school and after only two weeks my kids are bringing the homework home every night. I was inspired to create this DIY crayon coloring tray to keep my kids art supplies tucked away.

I have to admit; I’m obsessed with mason jars! they have been popular for a few years now, and their popularity is still going strong. I saw this project idea on Pinterest and had to recreate it. I think it is a brilliant idea.

If you have children in school, then I’m sure you have crayons and lots of them. I used to keep all of my kids crayons in just a big Ziploc baggie but it was always a mess. I asked my next-door neighbor, Jessica, how she stores her crayons for her 5 kids, and this is what she showed me.


She said, “We can never seem to find a black one in all this Chaos.” So after seeing this little jem on Pinterest, I decided to solve her problem.

crayon 2

This is a Crayon Coloring Tray, and it was fast, simple, and fun to make, and looks stylish sitting out on her kitchen table.

You are going to need:

  • A wooden Tray (found on C&C website item #126044)
  • 8 small mason Jars (Found on C&C website item #132520)
  • 10 Packages of the set of 8 Crayons
  • Purple, yellow, brown, orange, green, black, blue, white and red spray paint.
  • Small paper plates
  • Tattered lace Tag die (Found on C&C website item #100361)
  • Peel and stick Chalkboard paper (Found on C&C website item #123853)
  • Various ribbons in the 8 different colors

Step 1:  Take your wooden tray, 8 small mason jars, and spray paint outside to a ventilated area.

crayon 3

Step 2:  Place each mason jar upside down, without the lid on it, on a small paper plate, and put on the grass. *TOP TIP: I do my spray painting on my grass because when I get the excess paint on the grass, in a few days when the lawn is mowed the paint is gone!

crayon 4

crayon 5

Step 3: Spray each mason jar with desired color. I only need to do one coat on each. Then let them dry for about an hour to be safe.

Then place the wooden tray on top of a wax piece of paper, and spray paint it white.

crayon 6

c4rayon 7

Step 4: I wanted to label each jar with the name of the color, to help smaller children learn the names of the colors. So I took two of my tattered Lace metal dies that looked tag shaped, and cut 4 of each design out of the peel and stick Chalkboard paper.

crayon 8

crayon 9

Step 5: write the color of the jars on each tag, and add to the front of your jar, along with some matching ribbon of your choice.

crayon 10

All right now just put all the mason jars onto your tray, and let the coloring fun begin!

crayon 11

My aunt who is a kindergarten teacher saw the tray and was ecstatic! She is going to make 8 sets to go in the center of the 8 tables her children sit at in her classroom.

Now for those of us who no longer have little’s running around, take this idea up a notch and paint bigger mason jars to organize and hold your markers, colored pencils etc.

Much Love,


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  • Hi Jinger! I love to watch you and Dawn on Create and Craft here in the US. I work during the day so I record the shows so I can watch them later. I saw one recently where you and Dawn were talking about being called “Boo” I’m from the South and I grew up calling anyone that I loved or was a good friend “Boo” it just meant that you were special to me. I call my cats Boo now! I call all my friends Boo and to be fair, they are all “Hot Mamas!” Keep up the wonderful work, I love watching the shows and can’t wait to get home each day to see what you’ve been up to lately!

  • This is a really cute idea —— however if you have small children the glass could be a problem. I would use something like a plastic peanut butter jar instead.

  • Great idea Jinger. I have a question about the Crossover. When demonstrating I have heard it said you can use the fat Tim Holtz dies on it. I find that they do not fit, just a fraction to thick. Sooo, how do we do it. Is there a thinner white plate? I love the crossover, but I’m disappointed that I cannot use the fat dies. Nancy

  • Sorry to email you but I find no where on this site to contact anyone. I was watching this weekend, here in UTAH, interested in ordering something aired, but the information, or should I say, lack of information is deplorable. How can Create and Craft put items on the air and when you go to the website to order there is NO information regarding the product(S) I was looking at 141441. Oh it is there, but what is in it? Why is there no description of products? In detail. Is this how it is done in the UK because you know that is not how US website works. I have put off ordering time and time again because of this issue. So……………….is it me, am I missing something, or is this how it is.

  • Please, not so many paper crafting programs. How many do we need!! More sewing and quilting. I am tired of card making. Could you do two hours on sewing? You do that for paper. Thank you, Dona in Oregon

  • Hello Create and Craft! I’m so excited every day when it’s time for your program,and if I’m unable to watch I def record. I discovered your program by my hubby doing a search on the internet and then showing me,BIG,HUGE MISTAKEhe now says and chuckles as he loves to make me happy and doesn’t mind feeding my crafting habbits. Recently he also shared the info with his mother ,now his father has told him gee thanks,lol. I have my crafting room full to capacity and now moving house around to have more room for more wonderful products ,and looking for a new home that will acomadate my crafting habbits ,I would love to see more jewelry,sewing,painting, knitting,crocheting and the list continues I am very diverse crafter and as much as I truly LOVE all the paper crafting ID so enjoy even more avenues thank you for the demos and interaction with the viewers this is just a new level for me love love love all the products I’ve seen n purchased

    Darletta McCollum

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