DIY Gift Wrap Using Items Around The House

So, you’ve found the perfect gift for that bridal shower/birthday party/christmas get together and it’s time to wrap it up in a bow but oh no! Where did all your wrapping paper go? Have no fear because Create and Craft is here with easy DIY gift wrap using items from around the house. We’ve all been in that sticky situation, now here’s how to get out of it.

The base of this gift wrap is brown paper bags from the grocery store. We all know you have a good handful of those lying in a cupboard somewhere! If you don’t have brown paper bags, use old newspaper or cardstock. Even plain printer paper will do!


For the above gift wrap, I simply found a set of tags and leaves in my craft room. However, if you’re in a pinch, simply cut your own tag using a ruler and punch with a hole punch. Then, head outside and use leaves from tree in your yard. A sprig of spruce would look stunning too! I found the jute in my toolbox and the spruce paper was a printable found online. It’s easy enough to make this one without having to leave your house!





DIY Gift Wrap Items Around House

For the above gift wrap, I simply searched around my house for red ribbon, jute, leaves (mine are fake, but again, use the ones in your yard), paints, and a charm from an old necklace I was no longer wearing. I painted the gift wrap with gold Martha Stewart paints to give it a bit of shimmer. I also painted the two leaves with red and gold Martha Stewart paint. While the leaves and package were drying, I tied the red ribbon once around the package, added the jute, looped the charm and leaves through it, and finished it off with a bow. So simple! You could even add a tag or another color of ribbon.


Ahh, the peacock trend! how it never seems to fade. This gift wrap can be made in 5 minutes or less. I found these feathers in my craft room. They were left over from a peacock Halloween costume from a few years ago. Again, I used the jute from my toolbox to tie the peacock feathers to the side of the packages. I marked a sentiment with a sharpie and sent the gift on its way!

DIY Gift Wrap Items Around House

This might be my favorite gift wrap. I love the clothesline look of the tags with the pins. Here, my jute continues to come in handy (and by now I’ve almost run out)! I first cut a strip of colored cardstock and taped it around the top part of the package. I then wrapped a circle of jute and tied in the back. I used the leftover tags from my craft room to spell out the name of the gift recipient and painted the bottoms with the Martha Stewart paints. I like the unfinished, rough look that I achieved from working swiftly and decided to leave it like so. Feel free to clean them up or paint with a bit of painter’s tape for a sharper edge. Once dry, I simply attached the tags to the jute with clothespins from my laundry room. Easy as that!

How do you wrap gifts when you’re running low on stock? What other diy gift wrap using items around the house ideas do you have?



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