DIY Meal Planner Board: Tame the Kitchen Chaos!

DIY Meal Planner Board: Tame the Kitchen Chaos!

Tame the kitchen chaos, with this gorgeous and super-useful DIY Meal Planner Board. This fantastic little project makes meal-planning easy, and means you’ll never spend more than you need to on your weekly food shop, because you’ll know exactly what you need to feed the family, for the next seven days! And if you’re trying to kick any bad food habits, this super organised approach to daily dining will help keep you on track, and make last-minute take-aways a thing of the past!

Skill Level: Easy

You Will Need:

DIY meal planner board what you need image

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DIY Meal Planner Board Step-by Step Project:

Step 1:

DIY meal planner board image 1

First, remove the back board of the frame. Cut your wrapping paper to fit, and secure to board using a glue stick. In the bottom right-hand corner, glue a piece of white card. This will be where you write your grocery list. Replace the frame and glass.

Step 2:

Use your whiteboard marker to mark out where you want your letters. You can do these however you like, but I did days of the week, ‘Grocery List’ and ‘Menu’.

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Step 3:

image 2 for DIY meal planner board

Apply your sticky-back letters. Once you’re done, carefully remove your whiteboard marker with a tissue.

Step 4:

Now you can paint your pegs! I used spray paint, but you could also use acrylic paint.

Step 5:

meal planner board image 3

Superglue a peg next to each day of the week – this will be where you place each day’s meal choice!

Step 6:

Make a little envelope to put your menu ideas in, by super-gluing three sides of the card to the glass.

Step 7:

Use small white cards to write out all your meal ideas. These could be ingredients, themes, idea starters, or family favorites you cook regularly…  whatever is going to work best for you!

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Step 8:

Use the pegs to hold your cards in place, and put the rest in the envelope.

Step 9:

DIY meal planner board finished image

Write down your shopping list over the white card using a whiteboard marker – you can add to this throughout the course of the week, then snap a photo of it when it’s time to hit the supermarket!

And that’s your DIY Meal Planner complete – all you need to do now, is choose your meal options for this week, and get planning!

Remember, you can always add to, remove from and modify your selection of menu ideas – simply write up new idea tags, and slip them in the pocket as you discover a new recipe! You’ll love dipping into this whenever dinner inspiration is lacking!

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Top Tips:

You can pick up frames so cheaply from second hand stores – if you don’t like the color of the frame just spray paint it!

You can also use the envelope to store your whiteboard marker, so that it’s always to hand if you need to add to your shopping list.

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