A Sweet Yet Simple Handmade Mother’s Day Gift

A Sweet Yet Simple Handmade Mother’s Day Gift

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we know that finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is probably at the forefront of your mind. And what better way to show Mom how much you love her, than with a handcrafted gift? Which is why we asked the lovely Angela Finch to get to work on a stunning Mother’s Day gift that we knew would impress Moms across the land… these gorgeous amethyst earrings!

Few gemstones are as well-known or as distinctive as amethyst. Its unique purple coloration sets it apart from the crowd, and makes it perfect for creating stand-out jewellery. As well as being beautiful, it’s also renowned as a meditative and calming stone, believed by some to promote patience, peace and tranquility.  And what do all Moms dream of when their kids are running riot…? A little tranquility would be great!

You Will Need:

DIY Mother’s Day Gift: Amethyst Earrings Step-by-Step:

Step 1:

Choose 10 amethyst chips that are of similar sizes and shapes. Gemstone chips are never the same size or shape, this can make creating matching earrings difficult. As long as they are roughly the same size the earrings will work.

Step 2:

Add the amethyst chips to the eye pins. This is a good time to check that the amethyst is the same length on both eye pins. If it isn’t just add chips until it both eye pins look the same.

Step 3:

Bend the eye pin near the end of the amethyst chips, so it is at a right angle to the eye pin. (Tip, not only does it make the next steps easier but it also keeps the chips in place)

Step 4:

Place the 3 step looping pliers close to the amethyst chips, with the eye pin in-between the pliers at the smallest loop.

Step 5:

Close your pliers. This will curve the eye pin.

Step 6:

Turn the pliers to create a loop. The end of the eye pin should now be pointing downwards.

Step 7:

Use your hands to move the end of the eye pin around the pliers to create a loop.

Step 8:

Take the eye pin off the pliers. Use your flat nose pliers to make sure the loop is facing a different way to the eye bit of the pin.

Step 9:

Add the charm by threading it around the loop in the eye pin.

Step 10:

Use the flat nose pliers to hold the loop. Use your other hand to wrap the end of the eye pin around the pin near the base of an amethyst chip. This is called creating a wrapped loop.

Step 11:

Use the flush cutter pliers to cut as close to the wrap as possible.

Step 12:

If that cut feels rough, use the flat nose pliers to gently squeeze that end into the loop.

Step 13:

Take the earrings, and use the flat nose pliers to gently open the loop at the bottom. Do not pull down with the pliers, use them so the loop is opened at an angle, like opening a door.

Step 14:

Attach the loop at the top of the amethyst chips, so it is through the loop in the earring.

Step 15:

Close the loop on the earring using the flat nose pliers. This should be like closing a door. If there is still a gap, then gently close it using the flat nose pliers.

Step 16:

You have now made one earring. Follow all the steps once more, to create the other piece – and your gorgeous set of Mother’s Day amethyst earrings is complete! Love jewellery-making? Check out our jewellery-making supplies, and see what else you could create!

For the full printable guide with step-by-step photography, click here.


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