DIY Paper Wind Chime: How To Create Your Own Gorgeous Paper Mobile!

DIY Paper Wind Chime: How To Create Your Own Gorgeous Paper Mobile!

Move over old-school wind chimes – we’ve a crafty indoor alternative…. and we think you’re going to love it! Carla Bagshaw has put together a stunning floral paper wind chime using just a few craft essentials, and it’s something anyone can have a go at! If you’re new to the world of papercraft, then check out the beginner’s version of this gorgeous project below, or, if you’d like to try something a little more advanced, check out the more complex version at the bottom of this post. You can adapt this project further by modifying the colors and textures of the papers used, or adding beads and charms between the paper flowers if you wish. Start crafting now, and your home will look stunning in time for summer!

Time it Takes to Make: 2 hours

Skill Level: Beginner

You Will Need:

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Beginner’s Paper Wind Chime Step-by-Step Instructions:

Beautiful and whimsical, paper wind chimes or mobiles are a light and breezy addition to any household. They are simple to make and joyful to have, and can be tailor-made any way you like!

Step 1:

Paper wind chime step 1 image

To begin with, you will need a hoop. I used metal dream catcher hoops, but you can just as easily make a hoop from cardboard (a cereal pack is always useful). Cover the hoop with yarn or thread, you will need to rotate it tightly to give even coverage.

Carla Bagshaw wind chime step 2 image

Step 2:

Paper wind chime project step 2 image

For the basic wind chime I wanted a central thread, so I created a cross with thread over the center of the hoop, by passing it across twice, and then twisting around the center so that I could create the opposite line; this allowed me to attach my floral cut-outs at a later point.

Step 3:

Carla Bagshaw wind chime mobile step 3 image

Next, choose your color scheme. I love vintage colors, and the Core Collection has a really gorgeous variety of textures and colors that can be cut and manipulated beautifully.

Step 4:

Mobile wind chime step 4 image

Begin using a punch of your preference to cut plenty of shapes; I used a small floral punch, but you can also use a die-cutting machine, or even scissors, to achieve the same results.

Step 5:

Paper mobile project step 5 image

Next, cut yourself a length of thread to work with. The length will depend on your requirements; I used 40cm / 16″ lengths as I wanted a more ‘flowing’ result, but you can make yours more compact by using shorter lengths and more flowers.

Lay out the thread, and place a flower at the end and underneath it, use a small (pea-sized) dab of hot glue on top of the thread and flower in the center (not covering the petals) and then place another flower directly on top so that you ‘sandwich’ the thread. Continue along the length of the thread, distributing your flowers evenly. You can then separate the petals creating fuller blooms.

Repeat this step several times (the more lengths you make, the fuller your final piece will be!)

Carla's paper wind chime step 5 image

When you have enough floral lengths, simply knot one end on to the hoop. You can then use some extra thread to create a hanging loop by tying a long piece of thread across the hoop in a very loose cross-formation. For the simple version of the project, that’s all you need to do… it literally is that simple!

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How to Make a Paper Wind Chime – The Advanced Version:

To create a more complex paper wind chime project, follow steps 1 – 3 above, and then continue from here:

Step 4:

Carla's Paper wind chime advanced step 4 image

Take a circular object (such as a jar) and draw around it. Cut out the circle, and use it as a template to cut out lots of circles in your chosen color scheme. Using scissors, cut a spiral into each circle – this does not have to be perfect or neat!

Step 5:

Wind chime advanced project step 5 image

Beginning with the first part of the spiral (where you made the first cut) begin to roll the paper following the spiral path. You may find it easier to roll it around a skewer or pokey tool if you are having trouble. When you reach the end of the spiral, place some hot glue on the last bit of the spiral and glue down the rolled section on top. This will give you a simple yet beautiful rose!

Advanced wind chime step 5 image

Continue the same process for all of your circles (make plenty, you will need them!)

Step 6:

Advanced mobile wind chime step 6 image

When all your roses are complete, take your needle and thread, and knot the end of the thread. Then pierce the bottom center of the first rose and pull it to the end of the thread. I wanted to create an ombre spiral, so for the first thread I just used one cream rose. I then went up in increments of two (1, 3, 5, 7, 9 etc) so for the second thread I had three cream, for the third thread I had three cream and two pink, and the fourth thread had 3 cream, 3 pink and one red etc). The size of your hoop will determine how many threads you will need. If you need to, you can place a small dab of glue on the thread so that the roses don’t slip down the thread.

Advanced paper wind chime by carla step 6 image

Step 7:

Carla Bagshaw's Advanced Wind Chime Step 7 image

When all of your threads are completed, you will be ready to assemble the finished project. To do so, you will first need to tie a hanging loop to the top of your hoop, in the same way as the basic project.

Carla Bagshaw's finished paper wind chime image

You can now tie all of your threads to the hoop, working from the thread with the lowest amount of roses, to the most. When they have all been tied on, take your hot glue gun and glue your remaining roses around the edge of the hoop at the top, for a stylish finishing touch.

These papercraft projects are so pretty and so cheap to make… I absolutely love them!

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