DIY Wedding – Crafty Beggars Style!

DIY Wedding – Crafty Beggars Style!

Crafty Beggars, Wendy Turner Webster and Julie Peasgood, want to show you how easy it is to craft your own DIY wedding. Each Crafty Beggar has handcrafted their very own wedding project that promises to be a showstopper on your big day.

If Music Be the Food of Love… by Julie Peasgood

Having been an actress (as well as a crafter) for the past 43 years (heck!) this is a quote that resonates with me. I spent five happy years in The Royal Shakespeare Company, working in both Stratford and London, and I believe music plays a huge part in our remembrances of romantic times gone by. (Kissing Kelvin in Grimsby, aged 15, whilst Diana Ross crooned ‘Touch Me in the Morning” is something I will never forget…!)

So when I was brainstorming ideas for DIY weddings, I wanted to make a statement centerpiece. Maybe something to grace the top table, either pinned on it or hung above. I love upcycling sheet music, so after finding some in my bottomless drawer of  ‘random items that will come in useful one day’, I started rolling it up into cones and assembling them into a starburst shape. It looked okay but not particularly bridal, so a quick perusal of the web yielded some more sheet music devoted to weddings and lurve – just the ticket!

Titles such as ‘The Power of Love’, ‘The Bridal March’, ‘This Magic Moment’ and ‘I Will Always Love You’ made for more romantically-themed cones. With the addition of some silver bling and a few Create & Craft red flowers, it was good to go. Here Comes the Bride…!

Pincushion Place Names by Wendy Turner Webster

For a vintage-style wedding, this is an alternative way to display place names at the top table. Odd or mismatched cups and saucers can be picked up cheaply from thrift stores or flea markets and turned into a pincushion with just a scrap of material, some stuffing, and craft glue. I found the hat pin at a local antique market and the rest of the trinkets are just random buttons, beads and broken bits of jewelry I found lurking in the back of a dusty drawer! Oh and there’s a snippet of lace in there too for good measure. As a nice touch, you may tell your guests to keep their personalized pincushions as a memento of the day!

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