Essentials Tools And Supplies For Sewers  

spool of purple thread near needle thimble and measuring tape

A well-stocked craft kit is essential for sewers. As you learn to sew, having the right tools can make all the difference. With so many tools available, it can be overwhelming when you start to explore your options. So, if you are starting your sewing journey or a professional, here is our list of essentials for every sewer:

Sewing machine

A reliable sewing machine is the most critical tool for sewers. Choose one that suits your needs and experience level, whether it’s a basic mechanical machine or a computerized model with advance features.

Sewing machine

Sewing needles

Different types of sizes of sewing needles are used for various fabrics and sewing techniques. Keep a variety of needles on to hand to accommodate different projects.

Sewing Needles


High quality sewing thread in various colours is essential for all sewing projects. Choose the appropriate thread type for the fabric you’re working with.

Sewing thread


Invest in a pair of sharp fabric scissors for cutting fabric and a smaller pair of scissors or thread snips for trimming threads and making precise cuts.

Fabric Scissors

Seam ripper

A seam ripper is handy for removing stitches and correcting mistakes without damaging fabric.

Seam ripper

Pins and Pincushion

Straight pins are used to fold fabric pieces together while sewing. Keep them organised and accessible with a pincushion.

Needs and pincushion

Measuring tools

A tape measure and a transparent ruler are essential for measuring fabric, marking hems, and ensuring accurate seam allowances.

Measuring Tape
Clear ruler and scissors

Iron and Ironing board

Pressing fabric before and during sewing is crucial for achieving professional looking results. An iron and iron board are essential for pressing seams and fabric.

Ironing board

Sewing gauge

A sewing gauge is a smaller ruler with a sliding marker, ideal for measuring small spaces and hem depths.

sewing gauge


A thimble protects your finger when hand sewing and pushing needles through thick layers.


Sewing patterns

Whether you’re using printed patterns or digital patterns, having a clear and accurate instructions is essential for successful sewing projects.

Sewing Patterns

Seam gauge

A seam gauge is useful for measuring seam allowances and marking precise stitching lines.

Seam gauge

Sewing box or organiser

Keep all your sewing tools and supplies organised in a sewing box or a designated sewing organiser.

Sewing box

Tailor’s chalk

Tailor’s chalk is perfect for marking fabric without damaging it, especially on dark colours.  

Tailor's Chalk

There is a variety of sewing supplies that sewers should have in their craft kit. Having the above supplies and tools will make all the difference with the sewing projects you make. As you progress through your crafting journey, you can expand you craft kit and use supplies and tools that best suit you. You can browse our full range of sewing essentials here.