Effortless Paper and Fabric Die Cutting with the Fabmatic

Effortless Paper and Fabric Die Cutting with the Fabmatic

Seasoned papercrafters are well aware than when it comes to creating intricately cut shaped toppers, tags, cards and other embellishments, the opportunities are almost limitless, thanks to die cutting machines and accessories.

But what if we told you we had a die cutting machine that would bring just as much excitement to the crafty worlds of quilters and other creatives? Would you be interested to know that fabric die cutting is easy-peasy with the right machine?! Then we’d like to introduce you to a FABulous little machine designed to do just that… say hello the Craftwell’s Fabmatic Die Cutting Machine!

The most powerful portable, fully automatic die-cutting and embossing machine in the marketplace, the Fabmatic is a must-have in every craft room! Whether you’re cutting applique for your next sewing project, or toppers for your next card project, this is the only die cutting machine you need on your desk! Not only is fabric die cutting possible, but it’s easy, thanks to this fantastic little machine.

Thanks to its robust internal steel construction, this fabulous die cutting machine is able to cut through vinyl, paper, mirror card, cotton, leather, canvas, silk, thin wood, thin metal, chipboard, foam, grunge paper, mesh wire screen and most types of fabric… with ease! And we mean EASE – the Fabmatic is designed to provide fully hands-free operation! An automatic reversal feature means it is capable of protecting itself against incorrect platform combinations, or craft materials that are too thick to pass through, whilst dual safety sensors provide automatic activation once you present your cutting sandwich!

“This new machine from Craftwell is an absolute must for cutting your fiddly applique shapes. Holly leaves, candy canes and Christmas stockings simply pop out of the Fabmatic perfectly cut and ready to sew! Save time and create perfection at the touch of a button.” – Sarah Payne

See Fabric Die Cutting in Action:

The versatile Fabmatic is the answer to your fabric cutting needs! You’ll be away with scrapbooking, embossing, home decor and more. Not only is it compact, portable and automatic, but it is easy to use almost anywhere, with no cranking required.

Check out the Fabmatic in more detail right here!

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