How To Make A Fall Deco Mesh Wreath: Step by Step Tutorial by Penelope Quinn [With Video!]

How To Make A Fall Deco Mesh Wreath: Step by Step Tutorial by Penelope Quinn [With Video!]

No longer just for hanging on doors at Christmas, decorative wreaths have experienced a welcome revival of late! And it’s not without good reason – these gorgeous wreaths make fabulous home decor items all year round! Creating your own DIY wreath is not only a fantastic way to welcome guests into your home, but also a great way to show off your crafting prowess… and we’re all for that!

This gorgeous deco mesh wreath project is one you’re going to LOVE. Why? Because not only can you create your own beautiful fall deco mesh wreath… but you can easily change it up throughout the seasons! The trick to this is using wire instead of glue to attach your decorations. Once it’s time to turn your fall wreath into a Christmas wreath, just unwrap and add different coloured ribbons and embellishments to suit the holiday. Crafting has never been so easy (or so much fun!)

You Will Need:

Step-by-Step Fall Deco Mesh Wreath:

Step 1:

Fold your first piece of burlap in half lengthways, and hook a piece of florist wire through. Attach this to your wreath.

Step 2:

Now start to wrap your burlap around the wire frame. Fold it over back and forth, twisting and bunching as you go. When you have reached the end, use another piece of wire to secure the burlap to the frame.

Step 3:

Keep going until you’ve covered the frame with all three pieces of burlap strips.

Step 4:

Cut small sections of ribbon (about 15 cms) with an arrow end, and tie to your frame. You can also use wire if you wish. Use a few different colors – I was inspired by the colors of fall, so I used deep orange, plum and gold.

Step 5:

If you like, you an also weave a piece ribbon in and around your burlap in the same way to give it some depth.


Step 6:

Spray paint some artificial leave gold and red, and use wire to attach them to the frame, along with some mini acorns.

You’re all done!

Check Out Penelope’s Fall Wreath Tutorial Video:

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