Fleurs Flower Forming: Poinsettia and Ivy Project

Fleurs Flower Forming: Poinsettia and Ivy Project

You might not want to read about Christmas in July and I wouldn’t blame you! But consider this: there are only twenty-odd weeks to go until Christmas. How many crafting sessions can you fit into a week; one? Two? And how many Christmas cards and decorations do you want to make in that time; one hundred? Two hundred? So as you can see, it really is time to get festive in the summer sun! This delightful Poinsettia and Ivy can be used on many Christmas projects such as cards, gift boxes, tags and home décor items like wreaths and decorations.

Project created & written by Corrine Robinson using Fleurs Flower Forming products.

The Fleurs Flower Forming product range is very much on trend and is growing in popularity all the time. It was created by Stephanie Weightman to give crafters the opportunity to create their own unique, customized flowers that perfectly coordinate with any papercraft or home décor project, without having to buy pre-made flowers. As such, it’s a genuine money saver.

Time to make: 30 minutes

Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate

You will need:

Step 1:

Die cut as many petals of varying sizes of the Poinsettia as you wish. Using three or four layers of petals for each flower gives them a lovely depth and complexity. Also, use different sized dies for each flower to ensure the finished items aren’t of a uniform size. Spray both sides of the die cuts with Opulent Gold Ink and allow this to dry. If you’re pushed for time, the drying process can be hurried along by using a heat gun.

Step 2:

Once dry, take the shaping tool and foam mat to give the petals a more natural three-dimensional look. I shaped the centers, turned them over, then shaped the backs of the petals – but it’s up to you and your own personal preferences as to how you choose to shape them. Have fun with it and see what you can create!

Step 3:

Now it’s time to form the actual flowers. Stick each layer of petals together with hot glue, offsetting each layer so that no layer of petals sits directly on top of another petal below it. Then, quickly before the hot glue has time to set, insert your pokey tool through the center of the flower. Finally, thread the folded-up stamens through the center hole you’ve just made.

TOP TIP: It’s much easier to thread the stamens through the center hole if you use a fine floristry wire to guide them through.

A little dab of hot glue on the back of the flower to hold the stamens in place is all that is needed to finish off your Poinsettia.

Step 4:

Now to make the Ivy leaves. If you look at an actual ivy plant, you’ll notice that the leaves are not all the same shade of green. Fleurs Flower Forming Cardstock – Perfect Petals Volume II Christmas has two different shades of green, and I used both to make the ivy leaves.

Score the front of the Ivy leaf die cuts using your pokey tool to give the impression of the veins in the leaves. Next, spray the leaves with the green ink; both the Leaf and the Christmas Green have a gold mica powder in them. You’ll find this is highlighted along your score lines.

While the ink is still wet, scrunch up the die cuts to give a three-dimensional natural appearance, then gently unfold them and allow them to dry. Again, if you’d rather not wait, the drying process can be cut short by using a heat gun.

These Poinsettia and Ivy flowers don’t take long to put together, but they look beautiful and impressively intricate. They can be used for all kinds of Christmas projects – I decided to use them as embellishments on a card base that really came to life by adding these final touches.

I have lots of similar tips and ideas on my blog, http://www.corrinespapercrafts.com, which is updated every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. – Corrine Robinson

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