Fun Ways to Get Kids Involved in Crafting

Fun Ways to Get Kids Involved in Crafting

One of the best things about crafting is sharing it with your family. If you’re looking for fun ways to get kids into crafting, then we’ve got some solutions for you! These are easy and fun ways to bring crafting into your children’s lives and to share your favorite crafts with them.

Here are some simple and fun things you can do to get your kids into crafting.

Show your kids your favorite craft

There’s nothing like your favorite craft to bring excitement to your projects and others. Show your children your favorite craft and tell them why it means so much to you. Prepare one of your all-time favorite projects for them to take part in.


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Tell them how you got into crafting

Kids love a good story. Telling your children how you got into crafting can get them excited about creating their own stunning projects. You can even recreate your first project to show them how you got started.


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Invite their friends to craft with you

Turn the crafting adventure into a group activity! Get their friends to come over and all work on a craft together. Having their friends involved will make it less intimidating and will get them more excited to share the love of crafting with others.


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Make a craft of their favorite characters

Kid’s love anything that has to do with their favorite characters. Whether it’s from a TV show, a movie, a book, or a comic, find a character they love and create a personal craft for them to cherish. Including one of their favorite characters acts as a great gateway into the world of crafting.


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Sharing your love of crafting is simple–just show them how much it means to you and how excited you get when you start a new project! You can find lots of crafts and projects at Create and Craft for you and your kids to share.

How do you share your love of crafting with your kids?

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