Halloween Wreath


Create a piece of spooky home decor with easy to make (and customize) Halloween wreath. Perfect to display at work, on the front door, or hanging in your house. Why not make a Halloween wreath for a friend too?




  • Unwrap the straw wreath – don’t cut the plastic off as you can very easily also cut the fine line that holds the wreath together.  Don’t ask how I know this!

  • Use a T-pin or floral pin to secure one end of your tulle to the wreath and start wrapping around the wreath. It will take several layers of tulle to show up on the wreath so feel free to use any type of ribbon you have available.  I like to leave some of the straw showing but you can cover as much or as little as you’d like.

  • We’re not going to assemble the boxes according to the package directions as this produces a box that is about 3.5 inches deep. Great for holding treats but a little too deep for our wreath.

  • Fold all the box flaps except the one with the tab up inside the box or you can cut these three tabs off if you would prefer. Leave the flap with the tab attached and unfolded.

  • Fold the sides of the boxes in half towards the inside of the box with the edges even. Your box should now have the decorative sides flat with a fan fold on the sides making them much thinner.

  • Tape or glue the remaining flap to the opposite side of the box (this is the side that will face the wreath)

  • Lay the wreath on the table with the best side up and lay the boxes on the wreath adjusting the placement and angles to your choosing. The use the t-pins or floral pins on the inside of the box to attach to the wreath.  Use straight pins thru the folded sides to aid in stabilizing the box and holding it the position you like.

  • Use pieces of the tulle or your ribbon inside the top of the boxes to add a little decorative flair to the boxes or you could fill with candy. But at my house that wouldn’t last too long!

  • If you’d like to use the tulle to make the bow an easy trick is to wrap the tulle around a book or piece of cardboard to form the loops. Just decide how big you want the bow to be across and use that size book or board to wrap around. Slid the tulle off the board being careful not to let it unwrap and tie it in the center with a 8-10” piece of matching tulle.  Now you can fan out the loops and fluff them up a bit.  Then just tie the whole thing to the wreath!


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