How to Make a Pineapple Pinata by Penelope Quinn

How to Make a Pineapple Pinata by Penelope Quinn

Having a party? Entertain your guests – young or old! – with a treat-filled  pineapple pinata! Penelope Quinn shows you how to make this DIY pinata for yourself, ready for your next celebration!

Penelope says: “This darling pineapple pinata is the perfect way to give a second life to cardboard before it goes into the recycling bin – and the perfect festive touch for a poolside party! Pinatas are made to be broken, but I can’t bring myself to do this to my pineapple creation – especially when it’s this cute! Instead, I’ve lined the inside with tissue paper and left a small hole at the bottom; this way, with a good yank of the ribbon, everyone can access sweet treats!”

Difficulty: Easy

You Will Need:

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Step 1:

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First, cut your cardboard into two identical pineapples.

Step 2:

step 2 image pineapple pinata

Using masking tape, secure the 4cm-wide strips of cardboard onto the outside edge of one pineapple. Make sure you leave a gap at the bottom of the pineapple for your sweets to fall out of.

Step 3:

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Take a sheet of yellow tissue paper and lay one half in your heart. Fill with sweets (or anything else you like!) then fold the tissue paper in half and roll the sides so the sweets don’t fall out. Tape your tissue paper down onto the pineapple. Tie the bottom of your tissue paper – which should come out of the bottom of the heart – with string. Cut a few holes into the tissue paper to make sure it rips when pulled. Don’t forget to tie a loop of ribbon out of the top of the piñata so you can hang it.

Step 4:

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Now secure the other pineapple with double-sided tape. Continue to cover the whole pinata with double-sided tape – this is what will hold your fringing in place.

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Step 5:

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Cut a 4cm strip off the end of your green and yellow tissue paper while it’s still rolled up. Cut small sections about three quarters of the way up to make the fringe.

Step 6:

pineapple pinata step 6 image

Working in sections, peel the back off your double-sided tape and start wrapping the heart with fringed tissue paper. Stick down some more double-sided tape if you need to.

Tip: If you’re struggling to get the backing off your double-sided tape, use a pen knife to flip up the edge of the backing.

Tip: It’s easier to start from the bottom and work your way up.

Tip: Instead of double-sided tape, you could use a glue stick. It’s a little messier but gets the same results!

Step 7:

pineapple pinata how to step 6 image

When you reach the leaves, swap out to green tissue paper. Continue until you’ve covered your pineapple.

Tip: The great thing about fringed tissue paper is that it’s very forgiving! If one part looks a little bare, just add some more fringing.

Step 8:

step 8 pineapple pinata image

To release the sweets, just pull the ribbon which will rip the tissue paper lining – no smashing needed!

Finished pineapple pinata image

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