How To Make Crepe Paper Roses: Step-by-Step Tutorial + Video

How To Make Crepe Paper Roses: Step-by-Step Tutorial + Video

Roses are a fantastic way to add color to a room, style to a bride’s bouquet, or just a smile to someone special’s face! But a bunch of roses can be terribly costly, especially for something that won’t last very long. Which is why we crafters have the upper hand when it comes to presenting people with such a gorgeous gift… we simple make our own! That’s right, you can create incredible life-like roses in any color you wish, using some crepe paper of your choice, a few crafting essentials, and a little know-how… Check out the talented Charlie Mumford’s crepe paper rose tutorial below, and discover exactly how to make crepe paper roses yourself that will amaze your friends and family! A fantastic skill to have up your sleeve for Mother’s Day, DIY weddings, birthdays and more, these simple crepe paper roses are sure to impress.

Crepe Paper flowers are a beautiful alternative to fresh flowers. They last ages, are easy to create and have huge visual impact! Create these gorgeous crepe paper roses to add to your own projects, and discover an easy yet impressive way to brighten up wreaths, bouquets, cards, fascinators and more!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Using the template provided, trace the petals and leaf shape onto strong card and cut out.

Step 2:

From your crepe paper, draw around your templates and cut four of the thinner petals, and 6 of the larger petals. Take care when cutting, so as not to stretch or tear the crepe paper.

Put aside two of the thinner petals (they will form the first two in the center) then, using the blunt edge of your scissors, curl the tops of the other petals to give them a more natural look.

Step 4:

Using a matching distress ink, brush the tops of the petals to bring out the edges and texture of the crepe. It also gives a wonderfully realistic look to the petals.

Step 5:

Attach one strip of double sided, red liner tape to the bottom inside of each petal.

Attach two strips of tape to one of the large petals, as this will be your last petal and fix it all together.

Step 6:

Take your wire stem and bend over the end to form a small loop, so that there isn’t a sharp surprise in the center of the rose!

Step 7:

Now attach your first two petals either side of the loop (the unmoulded ones you put aside earlier).

Next, start attaching the rest of the thinner petals, making sure to overlap them at about halfway on each petal, moving your way up to using the larger petals, until you’ve attached them all. You should now have what resembles a rose!

Step 8:

Attach a small piece of double-sided red liner tape to the bottom of the rose to help your floral tape stick. Now attach the floral tape, and begin wrapping it around the base of the rose to give it extra security. Work your way down the stem, and slot the leaves in where you think they’d look best, securing them with the floral tape as you wrap. When you get to the end of the stem, snip off the excess and fix in place. The floral tape is self-sticking and the warmth of your hands will have made it tacky so the end should stick by itself. If not, use some more tape to finish it off.

As a last tip, gently manipulate your petals and leaves so they sit as you want them to (the construction may have pushed them slightly out of place or flattened them a little).
Now you can make a whole bouquet of them either for yourself, or a special someone!

Video Tutorial:

Flower Petal Template:

Download your free petal and leaf templates to accompany this project, by clicking here. Make sure to cut the pieces out of the crepe paper with the grain of the paper running vertically from the bottom of the petal to the top, and likewise for the leaves.

Will you be having a go at creating your own crepe paper roses? Let us know in the comments below!

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