Introducing Becca Feeken!


Introducing Becca Feeken to Create and Craft! Becca is a crafter and lover of papercrafts. She brings life and love to every craft she makes. Get to know Becca better!

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Why do you love crafting?
Crafting has been with me since I was a little girl; it was the thing that kept little hands busy and that is still true today. For me it was a saving grace. While I was a caretaker for a sick husband who was home bound I reached to crafting as a way to cope with his illness, as a way to create and give during a time of crisis and all the while it provided a lifeline to a tender, caring community of creatives. I find myself amazed that with will, hope and inspiration anyone can pick up a piece of paper and make it to a masterpiece!

What keeps you crafting?

It’s so good for my health and well being and I find it restorative. The pure accomplishment of creating handmade along with the ethic to gift and give provides a perpetual reason to create.


What is a recent craft trend you’ve become obsessed with?

I’m pretty smitten with foiling. Once I figured out a way to foil die cut borders, I knew my foiling machine had gained a permanent place on my craft table.

Do you like to craft alone or with a group? Who do you craft for – yourself or loved ones?

When working I am focused and like to craft alone but I do find time for group crafting although those outings really turn out to be more social for me and not much crafting gets done. I do think it is important to do both! When I craft, I give it away. I love the passion I feel for handmade and I love the emotional response when someone finds you took care, thought and detail to create something especially for them.


When you’re not crafting, what do you like to do with your time? Do you find that doing something outside of crafting keeps you inspired and more creative?

When not crafting I like walking, photography and shopping. I make a conscious effort to get up from the craft table and especially to spend time away from the computer. It seems to me that once you immerse yourself in other passions, it all comes back home with fresh spontaneous inspiration.

About Kelly

Kelly is a writer for Create and Craft as well as an avid reader and crafter! She began her crafting journey during a production of a Tale of Two Cities where she learned to knit for her role as Madame Defarge. Since then she has crafted many kids projects, DIY home decor, scarfs, hats and more.

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  1. beth swisher January 2, 2017 at 1:43 am #

    So inspiring. Your cards are so elegant. Tba m you for sharing your story. God bless you