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Introduction to Parchment Crafting by Lou Collins

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Hi Crafters! It’s Lou Collins here from Create and Craft. Lovely to be here back on the Create & Craft Blog again! Today I want to go over an Introduction to Parchment Crafting, as you may have seen some of our shows involving this beautiful craft recently, and be wondering what the basics are to get started creating exquisite, delicate pieces. Parchment craft is a very old and traditional craft that dates back many years. There are very few basic tools to get started, which makes this craft very portable, and you can purchase them all on our website.
To try Parchment Craft, you will need:
Parchment Paper (available in many colors and finishes)
A pair or snips (if you are going to want to cut your designs out)
A Multi Grid (These are available in any design you can imagine!)
Also Helpful:
A white pencil
A dryer sheet
Low Tack Tape
A Parchment Lace Magazine for Tips and Inspiration
On the project I have created for you today as an example, I have used a grid. This is a thin metal sheet with designs cut into it by way of lines and small holes.
The first thing we do is cut a piece of parchment down to a manageable size, and stick it over the chosen design with low tack tape. Place this onto a foam mat to work on. This aids embossing and doesn’t damage your work surface when perforating. Rub over the entire surface of your paper with a fresh dryer sheet to add a waxy layer and help your tools glide easily.
Now we take an embossing tool, just small enough to sit in the grooves of the lines on the grid and  not go through. We gently stroke the parchment paper along the line of the grid, and we will see it going white. This is slowly stretching the parchment with each stroke. We can use a larger ball tool to do the same in larger gaps in the grid, as I have with this flower.
When you have embossed some of your design, you can carefully lift the parchment (leaving it partially attached so it lines back up easily) and admire the design starting to show through.
When all your embossing is complete, you need to start perforating. Turn your parchment and grid over, working through the grid, with the mat still underneath, gently poke a perforating tool through each of the little holes on the grid. You are only making a small mark here, so just place the end of the pointed tool through each hole until you hear a ‘pop’ as the parchment breaks, and move on to the next hole.
Next we need to fully perforate each of those holes. a larger even hole will make for much neater snipping. Remove the parchment from the grid and rest it on your foam mat. Re-perforate each hole, pushing the tool all the way through until the entire needle is inserted, ensuring it is held vertically. Repeat for every hole.
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Now for the snipping. There is a technique to this, but it only needs to be done if you plan on trimming your designs out. Some are left as a sheet of parchment and mounted onto a project as it is and still look equally as beautiful.
To snip, you must use specially made cutters. Insert the two ends of the snips just into two adjacent holes. Lay the snips down almost horizontal. Twist the snips so that the arm of them furthest from you comes up and over towards you around 90 degrees. At this point you can ‘snip’ the handles together.
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You should have created a small ‘peak’ Repeat all around the outside of your image, ensuring the handles of the snips and in the direction you with the peaks to point.
When you have cut all of your pieces out, you can continue to use them to create a finished card or other project.
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I hope this basic lesson in Parching has encouraged you to have a go at this very relaxing and therapeutic craft. I look forward to showing you all more on my next Parchment craft Show on Create & Craft!
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2 Responses to Introduction to Parchment Crafting by Lou Collins

  1. Jennifer C Norwood June 23, 2016 at 8:08 pm #

    Thank you so kindly for this tutorial on parchment!

  2. Sharon K Masters June 26, 2016 at 11:54 am #

    Thanks so much Kelly! I’ve been hesitating starting parchment crafting. I just received my snipps in the mail. I love the look of lace they give you. The snipps sell out so quick that it’s taken me almost a year to catch them in stock. Thank you again I’ll refer back to this many times I’m sure.