Jane Gois Sewing Tips

Jane Gois Sewing Tips

In the middle of prepping for her Create and Craft debut, Jane Gois got her hands dirty with some sewing projects! Here are a few of Jane Gois Sewing Tips to help you with your next project!

Tip #1

I like to write out the part of the toy on the template. Sometimes it can be hard to figure which template sheet belongs to which part of the toy, but if you start with the obvious ones you’ll soon have it all completed as it all comes together and makes sense with the diagrams provided in the instruction sheet.

jane gois sewing tips

Tip #2

If you are a new sewer, then it’s never a bad idea to just remind you some very simple sewing techniques. I like to cut out each template piece, then pin it to the fabric and cut it out. It saves so much time. I cut both pieces of fabric together at the same time. Remember, when doing this that the right sides of the fabric must be facing each other.


Tip #3

As these are all hand sewing projects (although there is no reason why you couldn’t use a sewing machine) I like to freehand draw the sewing line on the fabric. The template has the sewing line drawn on it so you can see approximately how close it is to the edge. I just use my eye for accuracy This then creates a lovely clean line for you to sew along by hand and makes the job easier.

Hope you enjoyed these tips! Can’t wait to see you at Create and Craft!

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