Jinger’s Halloween Blog Post – Witch’s Hat and Shoes

Jinger’s Halloween Blog Post – Witch’s Hat and Shoes

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YAY!!! It’s my favorite time of the year!

October, fall, Halloween, and my birthday are here. I could keep going, but you get the idea — this is the month I look forward to all year!

To celebrate all the amazing things about this month, I thought I would give you a little something! This is a pair of Witch’s Shoes (of course SHOES!) and a matching Witch Hat. I featured these in my Jinger Adams Signature Series Idea book a few years ago. My bestie Kristy Day helped me with the Halloween party and I’ve included some fun ways that you can use them.

Witch’s Hat

I used the Witch Hat as a topper for a soda straw and as a napkin ring at a Halloween party.



jinger 2


Witch’s Shoe

I used the Witch’s Shoe by cutting a black and white straw into halves, gluing the shoes on upside down, and then sticking them in the top of cupcakes. Now it looks like the witch has done a nose dive straight into the icing.




I also used it as a closure for a sachet of potpourri that was given out as gifts at the Halloween Party.



I printed all of the hats and shoes on a crinkled piece of gold cardstock to give it a vintage feel.

All I would like in return is if you use this free printable to make something. Click here to download a copy of my Witch’s Shoe design and click here for the Witch’s Hat.

Please take a picture and post it here so the team and I can see your creativity in action.

Big Hugs and Happy Halloween my friends!





18 thoughts on “Jinger’s Halloween Blog Post – Witch’s Hat and Shoes”

  • Glad you are back Jinger. I always love to see you on tv and miss you when you are not. Also, I wanted to thank you for helping me earlier this year with a mess when I hadn’t received my sewing machine. After 4 months I finally got my refund. Thanks again,


  • Really enjoy when you are on with Dawn! Not only does Dawn show us how to make great cards but you both are so funny with the language barrier! Haha!

  • Hi Jinger – Halloween is over and now we get ready for Thanksgiving. I must check to see what dies I have to make some cards. Love C&C especially when I see you and Dawn together. It makes me think of the retreats I go to a few times a year where we all laugh and enjoy each others ideas and company. Of course a little wine is involved occasionally. Thanks for all you share.

  • Hi Jinger;

    You were back for a week and gone again I must admit, I don’t tape as much
    when you’re not on, you are so down to earth and that is the reason I watch, you make us laugh, make us get teary eyed, and yes you and Dawny are fantastic, but
    you seem to have connections with some of the others, thank you for making my day

  • Jinger,
    I just love watching you so much. You make /create And Craft. I record all your shows and rush home from work when I know you are going to be on.
    I am glad your hade a wonderful birthday trip. Just loved your blog and all the wonderful pictures. They are beautiful but not as beautiful as you are.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful smile and you are such a joy to watch and love your blog.
    I too am a scrap booker. I have only done western scrap books. I have made 6 all western because my Grand Daughter does rodeo and barrel racing. I had never tried card making till you inspired me to try so now I have ordered so many dies and now the TODO to try my hand at card making.
    Thank You so much for being a role model for me.
    Looking forward to maybe one day meeting you.
    I just love when you and Dawn are on together ya’ll together are such a hoot. I laugh my insides out at you two. Keep the good work up.

  • Thank you very much Jinger for the downloads of witches hats and shoes. I love them. I will use them for cards and such. Toni

    • Jinger I neglected to wish you a happy birthday yesterday. I’m sorry. Please have my wish of a belated birthday wish today. Still enjoy yourself. Toni

  • Thank you for the free download, I said it before I tape the shows you are on I think because you are so down to earth, only problem you got me hooked, at this rate I will never be able to retire, I do have a few questions when will you have Honey due and Clarity stamps again??? I really need a few things.
    Anyway thanks for the laughs and the wonderful products you have brought us.

  • Jinger, Thankyou for tge whitchs hat and shoe print outs, as soon as I make something, I promise to put it here for you to see, they are very cute,, and I have a few ideas.
    Happy Birthday Jinger, my birthday is October 14th, so it was fun to hear on Create and Craft that you were an October baby as well. I love this program, and I love you and all your enthusiasim. I have spent way to much with Create and Craft since it came to the US,, but my husband made me a new craft office, and have filled it with the product from your show,
    I just retired, and so now I get to enjoy all this fun stuff, and do all the things I love to do. You are great, and I look forward to watching and hearing your excitement everyday. thanks Jinger, you are great. Christine Brown

  • Jinger Also wanted to tell you that my spellbinder grand caliber broke after just a year, I was doing nothing special and it jammed, and would not go, not sure what happened or why, but my wonderful husband set up an account with Create and Craft and surprised me with the crossover, I love it, still learning how to use it, and pressure levels, but it is so great to have this machine. I also bought the Spiegel sewing machine, and have about eight cases of dies, {mostly tattered lace}, I have bought every magazine that has been offered from tattered lace, and tons of paper kits for cards and scrapbooking, recently the Sea Collection, and today the Retail case sets and the box and most recent magazine #32. I love this show and am addicted to all the great product, Hunkydory, tattered lace, and Heartfelt and of course, tonic, I have bought every purse die, and the collections Just wanted you to know that I am a good customer and very loyal to this program. Thanks for all you do. Christine Brown

  • Happy Birthday sorry I’m late but wasn’t home all day Monday. it just like having a second Birthday Day.

  • Thanks Jinger. I’m so glad you’re back and it seems like you’ve only been back for just a little time and you’re already coming home. I think it would be fun to see if there would be enough interest from Utah C&C junkies to have a crop night with you a couple of times a year. You are so inspiring to me and I love that you are always cheerful and so talented. Anyway, just a thought. I heard there is a facebook community made up of C&C viewers and I would love to join in. Have a safe trip home…Utah is beautiful this time of year!

  • The shoes and hat are adorable. My birthday is in October also. I say October babies are the greatest. Miss seeing you on Create and Craft. Love watching you and those doing the demos. Hurry back soon. Hope you had a fun filled Halloween.

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