Crafty Beggar Julie Peasgood’s Pompom Party

Crafty Beggar Julie Peasgood’s Pompom Party

Having realized that pompoms are all-year-round items (not just good for gracing hats and scarves in winter) I went to town with them for one of our recent shows. They are satisfyingly easy to make, especially if you use the pompom makers that Create & Craft sell. They’re far better than the cardboard variety – the only ones we had as kids!

I’ve become a bit passionate about pompoms and I’m even wondering how early I can teach my granddaughter Saha how to make them? She may be a tiny bit young at just a year old, but undeterred I did place a sizeable pompom maker into her chubby hands – only to find it instantly became an ingenious teether (she’s definitely a fledgeling Crafty Beggar!).

T-Shirt Pompom

I loved embellishing the first cushion I have ever made (proud face) with a pompom made from my husband Patrick’s gray T-shirt. I cut it into thin strips and gently stretched them; they curl up very conveniently – as did I when he found out what I’d done…

Cushion Comfort

Here’s the second cushion I made (got the bit between my teeth now!). I thought it looked best with pompoms placed on its corners and the magic of them is that they can elevate something very simple into something that’s just a little more special. Plus, they’re great for using up odds and ends of yarn!

Cupcake Pompoms

I loved making these pompoms from cupcake liners – I got the idea from one of the many pompom making books that Create and Craft stock. I simply folded them, secured them with thread, and then twisted them into shape. They seem to be lasting well and look great hanging from some branches in my yard. In fact, I might even decorate our little yard with them for a summer party I’m planning. (Don’t mention the prospect of rain – it’s officially banned!)

Pompoms To Go!

I bought this little straw bag in New Zealand (when I visited my sister who lives there) and I think it looks much livelier with the addition of some miniature pompoms. I made them from some vibrant multicolored yarn I found in a craft shop over there and secured them with some sticky-backed fabric ribbon. Simples!

Hedgehog Pompoms

I hacked away with scissors to create the shape of the little hedgehogs. They needed quite a lot of pruning, but with a judicious haircut, they began to resemble hedgehogs as opposed to balls of fluff! With the addition of eyes and noses, they suddenly had character!

Festive Pompoms

Having raided my supplies and found a selection of yarn in red, green, white and silver, it seemed only right to make a festive wreath for my door. I glued these pompoms to a simple polystyrene circle from Pinflair and although the holidays don’t quite feel around the corner, I do know it’s just been in the Create and Craft world. Having now launched our first ever range of Christmas dies (which sold out in their first show – yay!) I realize that it’s never too early to share in some festive spirit!

Pompom Plant

Finally, I made a giant pompom to create this ‘plant’ and decorated it with tiny yellow pompoms mounted onto felt bases. It sits snugly in a plant pot holder I’ve had for ages. As it never needs watering, I think it might make an ideal plant for someone who doesn’t have green fingers! – Julie Peasgood

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