Kristine McKay – Free Wish List Downloads

Kristine McKay – Free Wish List Downloads


Hey Crafty Friends! In just about every show I host you will hear me say, “Grab a pen and paper” to jot down the products and item numbers as we give them out.  I decided to make it easier for you, as well as turn it into a fun craft project.

Simply print out the provided FREE Printable to create your own “Create and Craft” wish list as well as guide to products and item numbers and turn it into a darling little notebook to keep next to your TV or computer next time you are watching a live show!

Create and Craft Wish List Free Download

Create and Craft Wish List Cover



  1. Simply Print out the FREE Printable. There is Cover and back sheet as well as the pattern design to adhere to the backside of each cover.  Print out as many insert sheets as you desire.
  2. Cut out the individual pieces with a paper trimmer.
  3. TIP if you want to create tear sheets simply use a sewing wheel and a score-board to created a perforated border at the top of each insert sheet.
  4. To Attach your booklet together simply punch holes through the top of each sheet and tie a ribbon. OPTION: add buttons, stickers, and charm as desired!

So, next time I say, “Grab a pen and paper!” you will have your own custom notebook to keep track of all of your desired products and items codes, as well as keep track of your Create and Craft wish list!  Happy Crafting!!


6 thoughts on “Kristine McKay – Free Wish List Downloads”

  • Hi, Just found this page & love it. Only improvement would be to make it 2 pages, so I could print it front & back of 1 piece of paper. Then could make the one that is the full page of notes, a 2 pager that could be printed front & back. I’ll figure it out at home, but just thought I’d mention it.
    Watch the channel every day. Even bought a ROKU when we switched from DishTV to Direct, & lost C&C channel. Advantage is that I can watch ANY time.
    Texas loves you,
    Linda Mc

  • Hi Kristine. Great idea!

    I would luv if u can create a “wish list” to save the items on the site for all of us that prefer to keep track on the computer. Especially to send us reminders if a sold out item on our wish list is back in stock!

  • This is a very good idea. Surprised no one thought of it sooner. Hope to see you on soon. You are missed when you are away.

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