Lights, Camera, Crafting with Jinger Adams

Lights, Camera, Crafting with Jinger Adams

Lights, Camera, Crafting

Hello to all my fellow crafters and friends. I am so EXCITED to be starting my new guest blog here at Create and Craft USA. In addition to my absolute addiction to crafting, those of you who know me, or who have watched me craft on TV over the years, know I love to chat and tell stories!

Lights, Camera, Crafting!

Dressing RoomOk, so for my first post I thought it would be really fun to share with all of you what really goes on “behind the scenes” in a typical day for me at the studio. Well I’m going to let you in on all our secrets… the good… the bad….and all the crazy and crafty things in-between.

When I arrive at the studio, I always head to my dressing room first – I love this little room! I share it with my beautiful and talented co-hosts Jeanine and Kristine (so you know when the three of us are all in there together prepping and getting ready, a lot of laughs, tears, gossip and girl talk goes down).

Dressing room rack

The room always starts out nice and clean. You can see the rack at the end of the room where we hang our clothes, the nice long counter and lighted mirrors for us to do our hair and make-up. And the girls have even allotted me a nice big spot in the corner for all of my shoes!

I usually always arrive about three hours before my first show; there is so much prep work to be done to make it all come together smoothly. I spend the first hour getting ready, make-up, hair, etc. Then I grab all of my paper work for the shows I have that night and get to work.

Meeting with Producer


First, I must always meet with my producer and director out on the studio floor in front of the set. We go over every item that will be featured on the show. There are four main cameras on set, and the director usually walks me through which cameras are going to be doing what, so for example, I might need to be looking and talking at one moment into Camera #1, but then he will switch over to camera #3 to get some close up shots of the projects that are on set, while I move over to meet and introduce our guest.


Camera Crew


The producer and I will then run through the order of how the hour should be divided up. So for example he/she might want me to spend the first 10 minutes explaining what the product we are selling is, then the next 15 minutes with the guest doing a demo.

You’ve probably guessed this by now if you’ve watched a show, but I have an ear piece in my ear, and these two talk to me all throughout the show from a different control room, basically reminding me what we planned together! This is the tricky part because I must listen to the two of them at all times, but talk to the audience, and listen and interact with my guest!!!! Yes, sometimes I feel a little bit crazy by the end of the night with all of the voices in my head.

We're Live!



Then we always meet with our guest expert, and find out what fun and inspiring demos they have planned throughout the hour.

Now it’s just about time to go live, and from this moment on it is non-stop action.


At the end of the night...



By the end of the night, after 4 or 5 shows, this is what my dressing room ends up looking like…what a mess!! Food, make-up, coffee, and all my notes for each show…everywhere.




Amazing co-workers!I absolutely love my job and all of the amazing people whom I work with. This is just a little taste of some of the behind the scenes here at Create and Craft. I plan on sharing much, much more of what It’s like to be apart of the amazing world of crafting on live TV! So get ready because we are going to laugh together, learn new things together, and of course CRAFT together!

Big Hugs,


3 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Crafting with Jinger Adams”

  • Well Jinger, I remember you from the Cricut machine on HSN. I wondered where you went and to my surprise found you on Create and Craft. I know you are a paper crafter and that is fun. I hope your new position fulfills your dreams. Good luck and I will be watching for all the neat things. Thank you . Christine

  • I love love create and craft I found it a few months ago aand haave been buying since. love you jenger I have watch you on hsn and have bought the machine you were selling then. I have always crafted but when I was litter my mother mostley knitted every day. but now I do a lot of crafting with my great granding trying to do scrapbooking but also getting ito other crafts just watching the different shows. All the hosts are very nice but I do look for you because I know you from the states. But it is a great show and it is great to have crafting back on tv. love all the shows. keep up the good work can your book still be found. God Bless You ALL///

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